How To Play Poker – From Start To Strategy

Poker has taken the world by a storm and people dedicate a significant part of their week to playing it at home, in casinos and online. Master the game with our free ebook, “Poker: From Start To Strategy“. In this guide, we’re going to look at poker from a layman’s perspective and explore why it’s considered one of the most exciting and profitable games in the world. Poker brings together chance, strategic odds, and the value of emotional and cerebral intelligence.

Free Poker eBookWhat’s Inside The eBook

  • Poker History – Start with an abridged history of the game and consider the reasons why Poker has become such an iconic element of modern gambling.
  • The Blind – A blind, for the most part, applies to the two players left of the dealer only. Ante amounts tend to be lower than blind amounts.
  • The Ante – An ante is a forced bet that applies to everyone involved in the game. Ante amounts tend to be lower than blind amounts.
  • Basic Strategy – This guide won’t get you to pro status, but it will teach you the fundamentals of the game and provide a broad-level foundation from which to learn advanced strategy
  • Bluffing – Broadly speaking, the objective of a bluff is to make one or more of your opponents fold even where they, in fact, have a better hand.
  • Video Poker – Video poker is really the table-based equivalent of draw poker. Players elect to retain certain cards and discard others based on the probability of certain hands.

Our poker ebook is a simple and engaging read that packs the biggest punch in the shortest space. We’ve cut through all the waffle to bring you the right information to teach you how to play poker.Take a quick tour through the history of the game and the rules before learning basic poker strategy.

There’s no need to waste your time working your way through long guides and rule books with our great ebook. To get your hands on it simply hit the “Download Now” button – it’s what winners do!

How To Play Poker

  1. Step 1: Choose an online casino
  2. Step 2: Choose a poker game
  3. Step 3: Know the Lingo of Poker
  4. Step 4: Know your Hands and Rules
  5. Step 5: Deposit money into the casinos account.
  6. Step 6: Play Poker!