How To Play Online Poker Step 2

Step2: Know your Online Poker Rules

Although there are a number of variations in Poker, if you understand the basic rules you will have no difficulty playing any online poker game. You need to understand the basics of poker such as the terminology used. Here are some important terms you will need to know when playing online Poker.

  • Ante-This is the first amount that is put up before the game begins, all players must put it up if they wish to have cards dealt to them.
  • Check– This option is not always available in a Poker game but if it is, the player can get another round for free if they feel they don’t have a good hand.
  • Raise– This is when a player who thinks he has a good hand or wants other players to think he has a good hand, increases the wager required to continue playing.
  • Fold– This is when a player who does not think he has a good hand doesn’t not want to wager an increased amount and lays his cards down. This player will not win however he will not lose any more chips.
  • Bluff-This is a strategy that a player uses when he doesn’t have a good hand but bets high amounts to seem as if he has a good hand. Players should be warned that this tactic doesn’t always work.
  • Call– When a player bets, another player can say “call” to put the same amount as him and go for the next round.

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