Online Video Poker: The Best In The United Kingdom

Online poker is a popular card game in which players are dealt a hand by the dealer. The best hand will then win once it is shown to the table. Whilst there are many variants of the classic table game, poker is known as no other name.

Online Video Poker is one of the most popular casino games, not only in the United Kingdom, but in the world. In a lot of ways, Video Poker gives gamblers the best of both worlds: an action-packed and skill-based casino game with an incredibly small house edge. Online Poker is a card game involving betting and individual play, whereby the winner is determined by the ranks and combinations of players’ cards, some of which remain hidden until the end of the game. Online Poker games vary in the number of cards dealt, the number of shared or “community” cards, and the number of cards that remain hidden. The betting procedures vary among different poker games in such ways as betting limits and splitting the pot between a high hand and a low hand. Here at Casino UK we show you the best casino games, and Video Poker rewards smart play, and many variants offer essentially zero house edge for perfect play; a significant incentive for dedicated gamblers!

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Before we get ahead of ourselves let’s explain what Video Poker actually is!

What Is Online Video Poker?

Video Poker was first seen in casinos about 40 years ago, which means players and gambling mathematicians have had plenty of time to analyse Video Poker and determine the optimal strategies for the classic variants of the game.

Although there are hundreds of variants of Video Poker in the UK, the basic game is fairly simple to learn. In Video Poker, players are given five randomly drawn cards, of which they can choose to keep or discard as many as they wish. Discarded cards are replaced by an equal number of randomly drawn cards, and the player wins or loses based on the best five-card hand he or she can make.

The most common variant of Video Poker, and the one that is easiest to learn, is called “Jacks or Better”. In this version of Video Poker, the player wins when he or she has at least a pair of jacks after the cards are drawn. Video Poker payouts increase exponentially based on the strength of the hand, and royal flushes often pay out several thousand times the original bet!

Finding and playing online Video Poker in the United Kingdom is really easy:

  1. Pick an Online Casino in the UK (we offer great ones, listed above)
  2. Pick a game. Online Video Poker has many varieties
  3. Learn the strategy of Video Poker (Poker is not a guessing game)
  4. Have fun playing Video Poker!

Where Can I Find the Best Online Video Poker in the United Kingdom?

Residents in the United Kingdom are fortunate to have great options for playing Video Poker online. Thanks to the number of online options available, casinos are willing to offer lucrative bonuses and deals to players in order to provide the most attractive gaming experience possible.

The following are two of the top online casinos currently offering Video Poker games in the UK:

Winner Casino – Winner Casino has one of the largest varieties of games available to online gamblers in the UK. It currently offers more than 600 casino games, many of which are fun, novel variants of Online Poker. Of course, Winner Casino also offers the classic versions of Video Poker, such as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. Winner Casino also helps get gamblers started by doubling players’ initial deposits, up to £300.

Betway Casino – If you are looking to get the most value from your initial deposit, there are few options better than Betway Casino. Betway offers more than double the welcome bonuses that Winner Casino and Roxy Palace offers, with up to £1,000 in matching funds for new players. Betway Casino also offers players a number of Video Poker variants for their enjoyment.

Online Video Poker vs. Poker Night

Getting the guys (or girls) together for a poker night is always a lot of fun, but it can be difficult to get everyone together on a regular basis. Online Video Poker allows players to think strategically and get some gambling in without having to wait around for everyone’s schedules to match up. In addition, Online Poker can be played for three minutes or three hours, depending on how you are feeling at any particular time. With a traditional poker night, you are typically committed to hours of poker, even if you aren’t feeling up to it. Video Poker takes the hassle out of a gambling night, allowing players to enjoy Poker in their comfort of their own home, on their own terms. UK based players and internationals alike can now enjoy the thrill and adventure of poker from the comfort of their couch without the hassle of visitors.

Live Online Poker in the UK vs. Software-Based Online Poker

Image of Video poker

One of the great advantages of online Video Poker is the fact that, unlike games like craps or Blackjack, you are essentially getting the exact same experience online that you would in a traditional live casino. However, instead of needing to drive to and from the casino, you can play from home on your desktop or from wherever you happen to be in the UK. For travellers who want to get some gambling in during their downtime whilst venturing through the United Kingdom or further, online Video Poker is often far more convenient than traditional casinos.

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On the other hand, live casinos can be a more of a social experience, if that’s what you’re looking for, and there can be comps offered that help add value to the gaming experience. However, with the matching bonuses available at many of the top online casinos, such as the three listed above, this distinction is mitigated significantly.

Video Poker is one of the best gambling games available to those who like to have some control over their fate and who enjoy being rewarded for strategically correct play. Video Poker is also particularly suited to the online format, thanks to a combination of convenience, strategy, and fast action. Whether you are an experienced live casino Video Poker player or simply want to learn one of the best games available to gamblers, take a look at the bonuses offered by some of the top United Kingdom online casinos, and give your luck a try!

Casino UK offers a guide of online Video Poker for all devoted Poker fans and for those who would like to learn online before stepping into a casino. Experience the elation that the many famous Poker players experience with the help of Casino UK. The better your combination, the higher your payouts. Online Poker offers significantly improved odds over slots machines for those willing to learn its strategies.

Types of Online Video Poker In The United Kingdom:

  • Bonus Deuces Wild: A fast and exciting Video Poker version for all types of players.
  • 3 Card Poker: One of the most popular and easiest Video games taking the web by storm.
  • Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker: This famous variant has revolutionised itself in the form of its visual appeal and player friendly strategies.
  • All Aces: A traditional Video Poker game in which hitting four aces to win is the name of the game.
  • Jacks or Better: Hands made up of a pair of Jacks or better pay out. Sweet and simple.



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The History of Online Video Poker

The origins of poker are not black and white. There are a number of various stories believed to be where poker actually originated from. In essence, it is more than likely that poker is an amalgamation of all of these fables.  Take a look at the various theories of where poker came from below.

The First Pack of Cards

Card games have been in existence for well over a millennium, however, the first documented records of the fifty two card pack as we know it today originates from 1377. A Swiss Monk named John of Rheinfelden was the first to document a card game he witnessed in 1377 being played with a 52 deck pack.

16th – 18th Century Poker

Arguably, one of the widely belived origins of poker originates in the 16th century from a Persian game named As Nas. This was a card game played with twenty five cards. There would be a series of rounds of betting and you would win based on categorized hand rankings.

In Europe, there was a popular Spanish game known as Primero which dates back as far as 1526. This game is often mentioned as the mother of Poker. Primero is the first documented game which actually resembles poker as we know it today.

In the 17th and 18th century, there was a boom across Europe of poker type games stemming from the popular Primero. In France, the game of the day was a wagers affair which went by the name of Poque. Meanwhile in Germany, a similar card game was making its rounds which was referred to as Pochen. Bluffing was an integral part of both games, where you’d have to keep a straight face through a poor or promising hand.

The American Poker Take Over

One of the earliest written references to poker dates back to 1834 when Jonathan H. Green wrote about the “cheating game” on the Mississippi river boats. In 1875, the joker was introduced into poker as the Wild Card in the Wild West saloons of the time.

Modern Day Poker in the UK and Further

In the past two hundred years, poker has developed and changed further from its humble origins. There are popular variations of the game now including Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold’em and 5 Card Draw. Since the dawn of the online casino, so too has poker spread into internet casinos like wild wire. Today you can enjoy live streamed poker in which you interact with the live dealer through your chat window as you play the beloved casino game of old.

Online Video Poker F&Q’s

There will always be a question or two surrounding casino games and poker is no different. Read on to see some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding online poker:

If I choose to not participate in a live poker game, can I still watch it?

Generally speaking, yes you will be able to. Most online casinos offer players this ability at their live casinos. So should you choose to be the observer as opposed to the player, you are more tan welcome to watch at most venues.

When interacting with the dealer and other players in a live poker game, what am I allowed to say?

Every casino will have their own set of rules with regards to what is considered as acceptable and not. However there are a few common rules to abide by:

  1. Do not under any circumstances, discuss the hand at play. While a hand is in play it is considered rude – and in extreme cases eve cheating – to discuss a hand whilst it is in play
  2. Do not be rude to or heckle your fellow players unnecessarily. This could lead to your chat function being banned. In the opposite respect, if you are being bullied by a fellow player, let the casino know the players name, time of the game and table that this happened at

What is the best online poker room?

We at Casino UK cannot name one online poker room as ‘the best’ as this is a completely subjective topic. This is for you as a player to decide. For example if you prefer Microgaming live games over Evolution Gaming live casinos, you will favour poker rooms supporting that software and so on. We do however have a number of poker room reviews so be sure to read through those here.

Is Video Poker the Same thing as Online Poker?

No, video poker is a casino game based on the original table game. Online poker – either live or computerized – is a rendition of the classic casino table game. Video poker is almost a slots meets poker scenario.

Can I only play poker online in an online poker room?

No. There are any variations of poker circulating the internet including many computerized versions of the game.

Online Video Poker Glossary and Terms

  1. Act: when a player makes a play during the required time
  2. Big Blind: the larger bet between two forced wagers
  3. Call: to match either a raise or a bet
  4. Deuce: also referred to as a swan, duck or quack refers to a two spot card
  5. Donkey: a poor or weak player – can also be called a donk or a fish
  6. Exposed card: a card which has been seen by others at the table either by accident or on purpose at a time it should not have been seen
  7. Fast: refers to the practice of aggressive play by a competitor
  8. Get away: when one player decides to fold a strong hand against another suspected stronger hand
  9. Hole/ Hole Cards: cards lying face down – also referred to ass pocket cards
  10. In turn: when a player is due to play next
  11. Juice: all monies collected by the house
  12. Kitty: a collection of funds from various pots used to buy things unrelated to the game – used in home games of poker
  13. Limit: the minimum or maximum amount you are allowed to wager at a certain table or game
  14. Mark: a person at a poke table drawing all the attention – often the mark is inexperienced
  15. Nit: a conservative player who is not willing to take any risks
  16. Open: when one bets first
  17. Pair: two cards which hold the same value or rank
  18. Quads: also known as four of a kind – four cards in a hand which are of the same rank
  19. Rag: a card of low value and essentially worthless
  20. Shoe: the container used to hold the cars in a casino
  21. Tank: when a player takes an extreme amount of time to play or act
  22. Up the ante: when you up the stakes
  23. Value Bet: a bet made by someone who wishes for it to be called
  24. Walk: when every player round the table folds to the big blind