Progressive Jackpot Slots In The United Kingdom

A progressive jackpot literally means a jackpot which progressively increases. This is most commonly found within slot games and generally can only be won when a players wagers the maximum amount. United Kingdom players enjoy this game ad there are a ton of exciting progressive jackpot titles to indulge in.

Progressive Jackpots are all the rage in the United Kingdom and abroad and it isn’t hard to see why. We’d like to invite you to come to the Progressive Jackpot Parties we throw every day, all day. Top Progressive Jackpots come up trumps in the industry and the prizes range from big to mega. The great thing about jackpots is the more you play, the bigger the prize pool gets (hence making them progressive) so you could walk away with hefty amounts in those pockets at the end of the day. Be sure to not miss out and play the best Progressive Jackpots in the United Kingdom now!

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Progressive Jackpots For Real Money

Online UK Casinos are becoming more popular every day, since using the internet has become a daily routine sketched into people lives. Online Casinos with Progressive Jackpots have become just as popular as the jackpot games in land-based casinos. The great thing about online progressives is that they work exactly the same as land based casinos, just digitally. Since lots of players are now gambling from the comfort of their homes in the UK, these jackpots can become just as large and life-changing as the progressives in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

What is a Progressive Jackpots Slot and How Does it Work?

Progressive jackpots are linked to various gaming machines such as progressive slots and video poker. Every wager you make on your computer feeds a tiny amount into the progressive jackpot for that game.  Progressive jackpots consist of either a progressive slot or a video poker machine, where the value of the jackpot increases a small amount each game as players deposit money into the game. Usually multiple machines are linked together to form one large progressive jackpot that grows very quickly because more players contribute to the jackpot.

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 The History of the Progressive Jackpot Slots

Unlike the older casino games, with varied accounts of their origin, it is actually easy to track down the lineage of the progressive game. Progressive jackpots are a relatively new development within the casino world, only coming in to play in the 80’s. The progressive game was first imagined and displayed to the public in Nevada in 1981. Inge Telnaes initially released the idea focused on linking video poker machines. It wasn’t until Si Redd’s IGT took that idea that it was birthed into the slots machine. The 80’s then was the massive turning point in slots as we know it as:

  1. Video slots were introduced
  2. Five reel slots were introduced
  3. Progressive jackpots were made possible

Types of Progressive Jackpots In The United Kingdom

There a quite a few different types of Progressive Jackpot Categories:

  • The Stand Alone Progressives: When slots began, Stand Alone Progressives were the only type of Progressives available, they are still used in various land based and online casinos . These machines are not linked to any other machines, what it does is take a percentage of your bet and put it towards the jackpot and the amount adds up until someone wins a jackpot.
  • Local or In-House Progressives: These are the most common jackpots found at Land Based Casinos, you do however also find them at various online casinos. These jackpots are linked to the casinos network and can link anything from 12 to 100 various games. They are only linked in one casino, not many.
  • Wide Area Network Progressives: This involves various games across many casinos, they are all linked and the more players play on these slots, the higher the jackpot becomes. Jackpots here can reach up to $10 million.

The amount of the jackpot is shown on a meter as a money value. Simply select a progressive jackpot below and start playing at our best United Kingdom online casino for Real Money!

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United Kingdom Friendly Gaming Software and the Progressive Jackpots Slots They Offer

Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Games

With over 15 various progressive jackpot games, Microgaming offers some of the highest jackpots around. The top jackpots they have to offer are mainly slot related, some of which include:

  • Mega Moolah Mega – This game is probably one of the most commonly known progressive slot jackpot games. There have been many winners with the game and on an average day the jackpot stands over $4 million
  • King Cash-a-lot – Values to win here stand around 500 to 600 thousand dollars, but they have been known to have winners that have won up to $1.5 million.
  • Major Millions – A smaller jackpot, but a steady one. The average jackpot stands around $260,000 but a winner has managed to win up to 1.8 million dollars

Some of the top casinos that offer the above games include: 32Red, Mr Green and Paddy Power.

Playtech Progressive Jackpot Games

Playtech offers the largest Progressive Jackpot wins out of all software providers. They offer over 30 progressive jackpot games and their largest winning jackpots are:

  • Beach Life – This progressive slots jackpot has had a win of up to $8.2 million and an average win of $3.2 million. Their current jackpot value s sitting around $4.5 million and just keeps rising. This one is a DEFINITE for all Online Slot players that play at a Playtech Casinos
  • Gladiator is the next best one. It offers an average win of $1.5 million, the biggest win so far has been $3,217,894.
  • The third best is definitely Funky Fruits – The biggest win was $2,698,136 and th average win is about $1,990,235

The best casinos to offer the above progressive games are: Paddy Power and William Hill.

IGT Progressive Jackpot Games

IGT Software only offers one jackpot, but not to worry because this jackpots average wins are around $2.2 million. The progressive jackpot here is called Mega Jackpots and its current jackpot counter is standing just over $1 million. There are various games that contribute to this jackpot namely:  MegaJackpots Cluedo, MegaJackpots Monopoly and MegaJackpots Cleopatra.

Guts Casino, Mr Green and Paddy Power are the top casinos to play this progressive game.

NetEnt Progressive Jackpot Games

NetEnt probably have the most progressive jackpots amongst all software providers. The average winning range is from as little as €816 to as large as €3,472,148. The reason for the smaller jackpots is due to the fact that NetEnt also offer local or in-house jackpots for individual casinos. The top Winning Slots include:

  • Mega Fortune Dreams Mega – €3,472,148 average win
  • Arabian Nights – €2,793,071
  • Hall of Gods Mega – €5,610,689

Progressive Jackpot Games include Blackjack, Slots, Poker and Roulette

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Top Progressive Jackpot Tips For UK Players

  1. Read the rules/terms and conditions carefully: There are stipulations such as when you are paid out and that you will be paid out in intervals
  2. When choosing a progressive jackpot, its wiser to choose one when the jackpot is considerably higher than it usually gets to, thus when the value of the jackpot is higher then the average payout amount chances will be higher
  3. Budget how much you want to spend and don’t go over it
  4. When choosing a progressive jackpot, its better to select a game that has a higher payout percentage, which will ensure you receive maximum winning opportunities

Payout Policies with Online Progressive Jackpots Slots

It is smart to look at the terms and conditions/policies at the casino you are playing at. Many casinos have a limit on the amount of money they payout to winners a month (e.g. The terms may say that a player may only withdraw $1099 a month), however sometimes this limit may not apply to progressive jackpots.

Progressive Jackpot Terminology

The talk and terms used surrounding a progressive jackpot is unanimous with those of general online slot terms. Be sure to take a look at the terminology section found on the online slots page right here at CUK to spruce up your lingo.

Top 2018 Casinos in the United Kingdom With Progressive Jackpots

Be it Progressive Slots or Video Poker games with Progressive Jackpots, there are a number of Casinos with Progressive Jackpots. Some of the Casino UK favourites include names such as:

Keep in mind however that these are not the only names to bring you Progressive Slots and Video Poker so be sure to keep a lookout for other Casinos with Progressive Jackpots!

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Progressive Jackpot FAQ’s

What sets a progressive jackpot slot apart from a regular jackpot slot?

A progressive jackpot slot is in most instances exactly the same as your common online slots you’d play. The major difference is that most slot games online offer players a fixed amount jackpot. This means that your highest win is capped at a certain point. With progressive jackpots, you do not have this ceiling. The jackpot will continue to grow every time a player deposits into the game and will not stop growing until someone wins.

Is there any way for me to increase or better my chance at cracking a progressive jackot?

Yes, there is actually. The higher you wager when you spin, the greater chance you stand of triggering the progressive slot’s bonus game which could then result n you pocketing the big win.

Will I get the full amount of the jackpot all at once?

This is determined by which online UK casino you have chosen to play at. Certain casinos have certain withdrawal limits. It is rare to find an online casino proffering you an unlimited withdrawal limit. So be sure to familiarize yourself with any withdrawal limits beforehand.

Will I be able to play my progressive jackpot of choice from anywhere?

This once again is dependent on the casino which you choose to play at:

  • First off, you need to see if the online casino offers a mobile casino to make use of
  • If they do, check to see your chosen progressive jackpot is in the mobile game catalogue
  • Check to see a casino’s restricted areas as well. You may not be able to play from certain countries

What is the preferred currency to wager in when playing a progressive slot?

For you as the player, it would be most preferable to wager in your local currency. This is due to the fact that this will avoid any exchange rate fees you may or may not encounter when converting your winnings. So if your local currency is available, be sure to use this.