All The Information You Need to Know About Land Based Casinos in the UK

The term ‘land based casino’ is often one which causes confusion, in a way implying that there are casinos which exist in this incredible world of ours which are ‘air based’ or perhaps even ‘sea based’. In actuality, the term ‘land based casino’ only really came into frequent use with the rise of the online gambling industry – and has been used since in order to differentiate between a casino which earns its trade in the online world or in a physical/traditional format. Now we’ve got that issue all straightened out (presuming it even needed to be?), let’s explore this slightly confusing phrase even further.

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 The History of Land Based Casinos

It is believed that gambling houses in some form or another have been present in most societies throughout human history from the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. A constant popular form of entertainment no doubt in part to its ability to appeal to the sense of risk inherent in all people, gambling came to prominence in post-Tudor Europe, with the first establishment bearing resemblance to what we would now describe as a land based casino opening in Venice, Italy sometime around 1638. After some thirty-two years of steady and controlled gambling the ‘Ridotto’ (as it was known) was closed by the city’s government in 1770, amid claims its sole purpose was to deplete the riches of the local gentry.

From these early rumblings spawned an industry which has become the world-wide network which we know and enjoy today. Many would attribute the migration of the pursuit from the ‘olde world’ to the newly-founded America as a real turning point – with early gaming saloons popping up in just about every new settlement during the 18th, 19th and indeed the 20th century!

What are ‘land based casinos’ ?

Land based casinos are physical ‘bricks and mortar casinos’, to put it simply. With the industry in the progressive shape it currently is, it can be very easy to lose sight of the fact that it all started with the classic casino. Four walls, a roof, maybe a bar/restaurant and a whole bunch of gaming tables, and if you like maybe even a slots machine or two (or a dozen) for good measure! The term ‘land based’ itself refers to establishments which are active within a particular nation and are licensed to the correct authority in this nation.

Advantages of land based casinos

Land based casinos offer the gambling individual an altogether more visceral experience than any online casino can offer. Whilst the convenience and ‘ease of access’ of their online counterparts can hardly be disputed, the fact of the matter remains that a land based casino offers a more real, interactive and therefore memorable experience. There’s nothing quite like marching up to your table of choice, changing some chips and getting down to it.

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 Land based casino bonuses

The most common casino bonus, whether talking about land based casinos or online casinos, is the welcome bonus. Used by the house as a direct marketing strategy intended to net new customers, it offers newbies a would-be ‘something for nothing’ type deal. The ‘welcome bonus’ has been around for decades and comes in all different shapes and sizes.

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Tips when playing at a land based casino

The range of tips available to visitors to the world’s many land based casinos is rather vast, not to mention dependent on the games being played and the amounts of money being wagered. To whittle them down to just a few general ones likely to cover the most ground we’d start by suggesting that you stick to the games you enjoy know, and keep a very close eye on your limits. Secondly, only partake in the games that you are one hundred percent sure how to play, and lastly – try not to drink too much, if at all!

Whether you are looking to play at land based casinos in London, or in other major parts of the UK, there will always be a great one out there for you. Read on through Casino UK to see what’s available for you.