Online Bingo Guide United Kingdom

Bingo, or online bingo to online casino fans, is a lottery style wagering game in which players are given a random selection of numbers on a bingo card. The bingo caller draws random numbers and as calls their value for players to hear. As the caller calls each corresponding number on their board, the player marks this off. The first player to mark each number from their bingo card is deemed the winner. This is a popular gambling game not only in the United Kingdom but within the world as a whole. Read on for more on some of the best bingo online casinos in 2016.

Online Bingo is not only one of the top online casino games within the United Kingdom, but within the world as a whole. It is rumoured that online bingo has been in the online Casino world for almost two decades now with the first free version emerging in 1996. However, it wasn’t until the release of Bingo Blitz in 1998 that this online game truly took off. Casino UK will take you through the popular game of both land based and online bingo, so read on and enjoy!

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How to play Bingo Online In The United Kingdom

Playing online bingo is pretty straight forward. You get a card and need to match as many required open slots in order to claim bingo. Once the ball is called, you mark it off your card and hope for the rest of your required numbers to follow suit. However, a few online casinos do offer different ways in which to play the game. For example, you may have the option of auto-daub. What this does is the computer will automatically mark off the numbers called on the cards which you hold, making sure you do not miss anything.

Another featured offered by most casinos is something called best card sorting, and as the name suggests, this will rearrange your cards accordingly ensuring that the one most likely to strike bingo first is at the top.

Furthermore, it is beneficial to you to seek to play at casinos that set a limit of cards in order to join the game. This will avoid you being stuck in a game against a high roller with a hundred cards giving them the upper hand at likelihood to win before you do.

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The History of Online Bingo Through the Ages

The history of Bingo is varied with many claims as to where it actually began throughout the ages. Like most casino games, bingo did not just start being played in a United Kingdom Casino one day. It developed through time from a number of predecessor games. One sure fact is that bingo is a form of lottery game. It is for this reason that the most popular rumour supports the argument that bingo is a direct derivative from the original Italian Lottery; Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia.

French Bingo in History

In 1778 there were allegedly reports made in the French press of Le Lotto growing in popularity amidst the intelligentsia of the time. At that time, the game card was comprised of nine columns and three rows. Each block within the playing card contained a number from one to ninety in a random order. There would be a caller who would draw small wooden disks from a bag, numbered from numbers one through to ninety. The players would then mark the called numbers off their card and the first to complete a whole horizontal row would be the winner.

Bingo as a Learning Tool

In the 19th century, forms of bingo started appearing in Germany. However, instead of catering to the adult market, these were developed by educators to help children better their math and spelling skills.

How Bingo Claimed its Name

Up until the 20th century, bingo had remained a form of Lottery, going without the actual name Bingo to this point. It wasn’t until American salesman Edwin S. Low happened across a Jacksonville carnival and witnessed a game of Beano that the idea began. Beano was in essence a game exactly as we know bingo today. It gained its name from the fact that when a number was called, players would use a bean to cover the corresponding number on their card.

Ed Low then took the idea and turned this carnival game into a commercialized game for all. He derived the name bingo by hearing an excited player mispronounce the current name Beano. Thus the well-known well-loved game began. Through the ages, bingo has spread in popularity from America to the UK, Europe and further.

Basic Online Bingo Glossary and Terms

Get to know the lingo you need in the game of bingo right here:

Admissions: being granted the right to play a bingo game

Image of bingo admission

Basket Bingo: a game of bingo in which a series of basket prizes are won

Image of bingo basket

Caller: the person responsible for announcing what numbers have been drawn

Image of bingo caller

Dauber: a foam tipped bingo specific pen which players dip into ink to mark the numbers announced on their boards

Image of bingo dauber

Early Bird Game: a term used to describe a bingo game which start earlier than the usual schedule

Image of early bird bingo

Four Corners: this game requires you to cover the four corner numbers on your card in order to win

Image of bingo four corners

Game Room: when online players are sectioned into ‘game rooms’ to participate

Image of bingo online

Jackpot: a larger than usual prize awarded for a difficult win

Image of bingo jackpot

Minimum buy in: the smallest amount you need to pay in in order to participate in the game

Image of bingo minimum buy in

On: a term used to describe a card which is lackig only one number in a combination to become a bingo

Image of bingo on card

Progressive Jackpot: a jackpot which increases in value every time a player buys into the game

Image of bingo progressive jackpots

Quickie: a succession of numbers are called quickly and the entire card must be filled in order to win

Image of speed bingo

Rainbow Pack: a pack of papers which allows players to play for multiple prizes at one time

image of rainbow bingo

Series: this refers to how many different variants of faces one single set will hold

Image of bingo series

Throw aways: bingo cards which are printed on thin paper – also referred to as flimsies

Image of bingo card throw away

Wrap Up: the last game that will be played in a session of games

Image of bingo wrap up

The Best Online Bingo Strategy and Tips to Follow

Bingo – and online bingo alike – is one of the last few casino games which are solely dependent on predominantly luck. There are however a few tips and tricks to follow if you wish to optimize your chances of winning. Base your strategy on the following suggestions and reap the rewards of your play:

  1. Number of cards. Be sure that you select the highest amount of cards to play which you can. This will increase your hand and likelihood of winning.
  2. In the same right, be sure to play a little and often. Whilst this may sound ambiguous, play cards which are valued at a lesser amount and play often as opposed to splurging on one massive game for the day.
  3. Be selective about when and where you want to play. Playing at a highly dense time may result in the bonus becoming higher, but it will also decrease your chances of winning. Try to therefore play at times which re not popular – i.e. the early morning – and look for bingo rooms with fewer players.
  4. Get involved on the online community. Most of the bingo games will provide you with the ability to chat to the other players. This will not only let you suss out your competition, but also give you the opportunity to pick a few of the veterans’ brains for their own tips.
  5. Look for bonus offers and choose to play accordingly. Seek casinos which offer bingo halls with bonus offers. Certain online casinos will do this on a regular basis, others not so often; however, it will help boost your winning if you’re not only playing for cash.

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Different Types of Online Bingo

There are four main versions of bingo available to all who love the game. Firstly there is the North American favourite, the 75 ball option. This is comprised of 75 numbers and a bingo card of 5×5 playing lines. There is also the speed Bingo variant, which is the 75 ball game but played at a much faster rate.

Next we have the UK favourite, the 90 ball game. This playing card is made up of 9×3 playing lines and is played in three stages generally; one line, two lines and full house.

Next there is the thirty ball bingo game which, as one would imagine, is played at a faster pace than the other two previous versions. The card is a simple 3×3 structure, but the player is required to fill their entire card to call bingo.

Finally, there is the 80 ball bingo variant. This is a more modern hybrid game between the 75 and 90 ball games. The card is a 4×4 structure and has a range of different ways to win depending on what is chosen by that particular casino or game provider.

As a whole, bingo has been around for a good number of years and a favourite pass time amongst many. It therefore comes as no surprise that online bingo is one of the favourites for all players to partake in so be sure to give it a try!

Online Bingo FAQs

What is Online Bingo and how does it differ to the usual bingo hall game?

Online bingo is the online casino answer to the popular land based casino game. You will be able to find online bingo at a wide array of the top UK online casinos. It differs to the original game by being completely computer based. The games use a random number generator to call the winning combinations, unli8ke bingo halls that make use of a caller.

Do I have to download specific software to play bingo online?

Not at all. There are a number of both flash casinos and dedicated bingo websites that will allow you to play bingo online straight from your browser.

Can I play real money bingo from my phone?

Yes, you will be. Most online casinos have recognized the need to run a mobile version of their site in conjunction with their real site. As such, they have also taken a wide variety of games over to the mobile friendly sites. At various online casino, you will be able to find mobile bingo for your pleasure.

What does “Heinz Variety” have to do with the number 57?

Like most numbers in bingo, number fifty seven has its own unique name. When fifty seven is called, it is referred to as ‘Heinz Variety’. This is because there was a time when Heinz had fifty seven products in their catalogue and the number fifty seven was printed on every can.

How do I know if an online bingo site is for me?

This is completely your call as a player. You need to find sites that will cater to your needs. Look for sites offering you bonuses, if you wish to compete for big wins, look for bingo sites offering you regular tournaments. Furthermore, read reviews on the various bingo houses online. This will giv you a grasp on what to expect from the online casino and all it has to offer.