Welcome to the world of UK Football Betting

Football betting is a common practice in modern society. Throughout the world, Football (more commonly known as soccer) has become one of the most popular sport betted on. If you are a sports betting fan then this is the game for you. Soccer is played by two teams and consists of eleven players; the ball may not be handled at any point during the game, unless you are a goalkeeper.

Similar to that of baseball and hockey, football betting systems use a UK sports betting money line. The major difference between football and baseball betting is that you can wager on both a team or for a tie.soccer-or-football-player-running-on-the-field

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Some History on Football Betting

In the fourth century BCE, Ancient Greece was recorded to have the earliest football game, namely Phaininda. In 228 AD, Rome brought out their version, Harpastum. The word soccer was derived from the word cuju in Chinese.

Some of the major leagues you can bet on are:

  • Barclays English Premier League (England)
    • The Premier League is an English league that is professional men in association football clubs. It is on top of the English football league system and is the country’s primary football competition.
  • The UEFA Champions League (Europe)
    • Known simply as the Champions League this is an annual continental club football competition which is organised by the Union of European Football Associations – UEFA. This is the most prestigious club competition in European football.
  • The FA Cup (United Kingdom)
    • The Football Associations Challenge Cup is an annual knockout cup competition. In English football it is the oldest football competition in the world with the first competition first being held in 1871.
  • La Liga (Spain)
    • The Premier Division of the Liga Nacional de Futbol Profesional is officially sponsored by BBVA and is the top professional association football division of the Spanish football league system.
  • Bundesliga (Germany)
    • Also referred to as the Fussball-Bundesliga this is a professional association football league located in Germany and is the highest football league with the highest average stadium attendance worldwide.
  • Serie A (Italy)
    • Also called Serie A TIM due to being sponsored by Telecom Italia is a professional league competition for soccer clubs which are located at the top of the Italian Football League system and for that reason has been operating for 80 years since its start in 1929 – 30.

The above are the more common leagues, there are many more out there and depending on the online casino you use, the leagues may differ.

Some of UK Football Betting terminology includes:

  • Match result: bet on the home win, a draw or away win
  • Correct Score: Bet on the prediction of the final score
  • Scorecast: Bet on the first player to score in the match
  • Time of First Goal: Bet on the time that the first goal will be scored
  • Halftime or Full time: You can bet to determine the half time or full time score
  • Double chance: Bet on a team to win or draw

Betting Rules for Football

  1. Match Markets will only be determined once the full 90 minute game has been played.
  2. If the games do not happen on the expected date then bets will be voided.
  3. Extra-Time In-Play: This means that after extra time, the final results will determine your winnings.

Steps when betting on Football

  1. Decide on the maximum amount you are willing to spend
  2. Decide on the maximum bet you are willing to place
  3. Revise the betting categories before making your bet
  4. Find a website that offers great betting tips
  5. Choose a bookmaker
  6. Choose your league
  7. Place your stake.

If you are a major football fan, then perhaps you should consider dabbling in some football betting.

UK Football Betting Tips:

In football betting when referring to tips, tips translate to predictions made prior to a game or match being played. These football betting tips help a better to see which team is in favour to win or to lose and thus helps the better decide how they will be betting their real money. These tips include the Stake, Hits and Odds.

Whether you are in London, Manchester or Liverpool, Sports Betting can be done online through the above mentioned casinos.

UK Matches Betting and Football Betting Terminology:

– The bet that is made on any game in any amount.
– Known as ‘Against The Spread’ this means that the better is taking points rather than making a bet with the spread.
– This is risking money on the outcome of a certain event.
–  This is another word for the Sportsbook or the online casino that the person is betting on.
–  The online casino hat accepts the bet.
–  When a person bets a $100 a wager.
Canadian Line
– The Puck Line
– Term for the Favourite.
Chalk Player
– The better that will only bet on the favourite and usually never bets on underdogs.
Circled Game
– A lowered bet limits game.
– A win with a point spread.
Dime Bet
– A betting slang term for a $1000 bet.
– The discrepancy between the favourite and underdog on the money line is 10 cents is on the betting line.
– Underdog
Dollar Bet
– Also known as Buck.
Exotic Wager
– Any wager other than a Straight Bet or Parlay .
– The team expected to win the occurrence.
Fifty Cents
– A $50 bet.
– Betting Odds posted in advance.
Getting Value
– Getting the best odds on betting line.
Grand Salami
– The Total(Over/Under) number of goals scored in all the hockey games played on a particular day.
– When your wager is settled and the amount is put into your account.
Half a Dollar
– A $50 wager.
– An individual who analyses sporting information and then makes predictions.
– Predicting the outcome of an event.
– The total amount bets take on a sporting event.
– A half point that is added to football or basketball betting lines through buying points. Referred to as buying the “hook”.
– The commission the bookmakers make.
– The cap of the betting amount.
– The current betting odds on a particular event. Lines are updated in real time.
– A sporting team that is unlikely to win.
– To bet both sides of a sporting event at different prices with the chance of winning both bets. Known as “middle the game” when you win.
Nickel Line
– The juice or vigorish on the betting line is 5%. Also known as reduced juice.
– A $500 wager.
– The likelihood of the a betting outcome expressed in odds.
Off The Board
– When the betting line is taken down and the bookmaker is no longer accepting bets on an event.
– The same as a linemaker.
Opening Line
– The first betting line posted for a sporting event.
– The point spread or moneyline odds.
– When neither side wins the wager. Original risk amount or wager is returned to the better.
Reverse Bet
– Two IF bets placed by you.
– Wager amount or the amount bet on a game.
Round Robin
– A convenient way to place multiple parlays quickly.
Run Down
– All the betting lines quoted for a specific date sport and time.
Run Line
– Baseball’s version of the Point Spread.
– For sports betting a sharp is considered a professional or experienced better.
– The two teams playing the event.
– A straight wager.
– A company that accepts bets.
– The Point Spread.
– A Person who has online started online betting recently and is still new to it.
Standard Line
– The betting line is -110 for both sides..
– When a betting line moves rapidly and is re posted because a mass of bettors are drawn to it.
– The amount of a bet.
Staight Bet
– A wager on a a single event or game.
– A special type of parlay where you can increase the Point Spread or Total in your favour for a reduced payout odds.
– A wager.
– The final score of both teams which is combined.
Totals Bet
– A wager on the Total score of both team on the over/under of a posted line.
– A wager on the combined score of both teams where the Total will be under a certain value.
– The team that is expected to lose the event. Also known as the “dog”.
Vig or Vigorish
– The bookmaker’s commission. Also known as the “Juice”.
– A Bet.
Wise Guy
– A person who usually wins all his bets.

“I am not a perfectionist, but I like to feel that things are done well. More important than that, I feel an endless need to learn, to improve, to evolve, not only to please the coach and the fans, but also to feel satisfied with myself. It is my conviction that here are no limits to learning, and that it can never stop, no matter what our age.” ― Cristiano Ronaldo

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