Casinos for Players in London

There are approximately 30 Casinos for Players in London. From Hippodrome to Maxims Casino Club. From April – May 2014 £2,368,814,276 was wagered at Casinos in London, from those wagers only £366,585,181 was won.

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Top Three Land Based Casinos for Players in London

Gambling in Casinos can be such a rewarding pass time if you do it correctly. One of the main things which factors in to whether or not you’re going to have a positive experience when gambling is whether or not the house you choose to visit is right for you. Some of the very best Casinos in the United Kingdom are of course in London, with current top Casinos for Players in London such as:

An image of the outside of the Hippodrome CasinoThe Hippodrome Casino

Voted the BEST CASINO in London, Hippodrome is one of Leicester Squares very own landmarks. The Hippodrome Casino has been drawing the crowds for decades down. With three whole floors of games there’s something for everyone in this welcoming and outright fun Casino.

An image of the inside of The Clermont Club CasinoThe Clermont Club Casino

Providing an exclusive yet relaxed atmosphere for gamers who like to stick solely to their table games, the Clermont Club in Mayfair offers one of the city’s best members-only experiences, hands-down.

An image of the Palm Beach Casino Table GameThe Palm Beach Casino

If you’re ever around central Mayfair with some time on your hands and a note or two burning a hole in your pocket, get yourself down to the Palm Beach Casino on Berkeley Street. Regardless of whether the pocket in question lines a £1000 Armani suit or a pair of jeans – you’ll be welcome to explore this establishment beguiling games floor.

History of Gambling in London

As far back as 50 AD, gambling was played by the Romans who were the first permanent habitants in London. Here is a breakdown of the Gambling History in London:

  • 11th Century: King William allowed betting on jousting events
  • 12th Century: The betting tournaments had become so popular that King William had to ban the sport due to knights being injured unnecessarily
  • 13th Century: Soldiers would come home after war with the different types of gambling (e.g. Hazard – Commonly known as Craps)
  • 14 and 15th Century: People started betting on just about anything (Including Weather betting, heads and tails and even archery contests)
  • 16th Century: The game Bragg was created (Three card game like Poker), Henry VIII then banned gambling. After Henry VIII, Edward VI became king and legalised gambling once again
  • 17th Century: Shut down once again, Oliver Cromwel banned betting on horse racing, cockfights and banned the use of casinos as well
  • 18 – 19th Century: Pedestrianism became the new fad, whereby wagers were made on how much time was required to walk, run or jump a certain distance. Horse racing also became more popular, wagering on sports teams became important
  • 20 and 21st Century: Today there are numerous casinos in and around London, which are operated by some of the largest names in the industry.