Roulette Royale Review – Playing Royally

Roulette is surely one of the most decadent Table games in existence and although there are a number of different European Roulette variations available to the discerning player, Roulette Royale more often than not makes a grand appearance in the list of seasoned players. Read on to discover why this is the favoured roulette wheel of many.

The main thing that sets Roulette Royale apart from other variations of the Table Game is that it boasts a Progressive Jackpot! That’s right, Roulette Royale with a Progressive Jackpot!

Roulette Royale: How to Wager on a Progressive Jackpot

Every time the player spins, a compulsory wager of 1 credit is deducted and wagered on the Progressive Jackpot, now you might be puzzled, how exactly does one place a wager on a Progressive Jackpot whilst playing Roulette Royale? Well the answer is simple; if any number is called consecutively 2 times then the payout is 15 credits and the wager made is worth 2 credits. So it carries on until a number is called 5 consecutive times whereupon the Progressive Jackpot is awarded.

Roulette Royale

For a detailed breakdown of Roulette Royale payouts see the table below. The best part is that the consecutive number needn’t even be the same number that you placed your wager on the Roulette wheel.

Roulette Royale Payouts

Consecutive calls Wager Payout
2 2 Credits 15 Credits
3 3 Credits 200 plus 15 Credits
4 4 Credits 3,000 plus 215 Credits
5 5 Credits Jackpot plus 3,215 Credits

Roulette Royale added features

The Roulette Royale Progressive Jackpot kicks off from 60,000 credits whereby it progressively grows into a monstrous jackpot – mind you nothing as big as conventional Progressive Slots’ jackpots but it’s still nothing to sneeze at, especially when one considers this is Roulette after all. The average payout of the Jackpot amount is around 670,000 credits. However there have been payouts that were very close to a million credits. The jackpot doesn’t grow by 1 credit for every spin though, as a portion of the wager is kept aside to fund the reset jackpot after 5 consecutive numbers were struck.

In addition to the Progressive Jackpot, players of Roulette Royale can expect fantastic features such as being able to manage the spinning speed of the wheel as well as playing in Expert Mode which allows them to use Autoplay and make sophisticated bets such as neighbour real money bets and also allows up to 8 bet sequences to be saved with the Edit function – ideal for those players who like to place complicated real money bets. Statistic s and numbers history is also available for those who are interested in more detailed gaming insights.

Roulette Royale is played with the European version of Roulette as its basis and players have 36 numbers and a single zero (0) to their disposal, no double zero (00) in sight which should make many a player very happy, in addition to that the standard rules apply.

MicrogamingTM is the only online gaming software developer to offer a Roulette variant such as Roulette Royale, with a Progressive Jackpot and let me tell you they don’t skimp on the graphics department. The table is decked out in sleek lines, an alternatively coloured red felt and delightful sound effects.

As far as the house edge goes – at the reset value of the jackpot of 60,000 the house edge is about 37%. As soon as the Progressive Jackpot surpasses 780,000 the house edge becomes zero.

For the player who is looking to add some extra spinning excitement to their European Roulette, this Table Game really can’t be beat. It offers the best of both worlds and does so in excess, whether you’re looking for great graphics, a double winning option or simply something different – Roulette Royale delivers in spades!  We give it 4/5.