European Roulette – The Golden Player Review

The virtual version of European Roulette surprisingly maintains its class and sophistication through the use of lucid Microgaming™ graphics combined with smooth, eloquent gameplay. Of all the online games I have played, it is this version of European Roulette that has been the most successful in recreating the refined ambiance I have experienced across Europe. Watch the virtual roulette wheel spin to your favour thanks to Microgaming™.

European Roulette vs. French Roulette

If you don’t know already, the difference between European Roulette as compared to its French counterpart is that the spinning wheel at the table has 37 chambers rather than 38, slightly decreasing the house edge over you. This is because the European Roulette wheel has only one Zero chamber compared to having two Zero chambers, 0 and 00.

European Roulette Bets

Depending on how big a player’s bank balance is, they can bet in multiples of the above mentioned amounts by clicking on the chip amounts available in European Roulette graphical user interface. Once the correct amount is selected in the “Amount to bet per click” section, players can put individual bets equal to the bet amount by clicking various spots on the table. There are two choices: you can bet real money per Spin a max of $500 for “Inside Bets” and $500 for “Outside Bets”. Once a bet is placed, the European Roulette wheel of fortune is spun and the result is soon revealed. Should the ball land on a number, colour or section of the Roulette table that you’ve bet on, you win! If you are a beginner and would like to know more specifics about playing a game of Roulette you can read our article on the basics of roulette.

European Roulette

European Roulettes Top Features

One of the most convenient features of European Roulette is its “Neighbour Betting Track” which allows you to bet real money on neighbouring chambers as they appear in the Roulette wheel. Bear in mind though that this is the betting amount that you have currently selected that will be duplicated across the neighbouring chambers. You can bet real money from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 8 neighbours. Quite nifty if you ask me as Roulette is truly a random game, illogical “professional” betting strategies aside.

If you are an intermediate to advanced player, take advantage of the various Call Bets that you can make at the click of a button which include Red Splits, Black Splits, Les Voisins Du Zero, Tiers Du Cylindre, Les Orphelins, Orphelin Plein, and Zero Game. If this sounds like French to you (which it is) I suggest you start your online casino journey off with FreePlay options after reading our article on How to Place Roulette Bets.

European Roulette Advantages

One of the greatest advantages of playing European Roulette online is that there is absolutely no pressure to fatten your bankroll to acclimatise to insanely high table limits like you would find at tables in prominent casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, some starting at $1210. While the online gambling house has control of the chip sets and it may vary from casino to casino, the most common real money chip size you can bet with are 1.00, 2.00, 5.00 and 10.00. These are either in the selected currency you are gambling with or the credit value that a casino ascribes to these.

I’d say that one of the other greatest advantages of playing European Roulette online is skipping the bulk of required Roulette etiquette, which can be quite a painful, embarrassing process if you had to start off from scratch like I did all those years ago. I remember a specific incident where I touched the chips after a dealer had announced “no more bets” almost getting kicked out of the casino in the process…such bad memories. You lucky devils now have the convenience of starting off in your pyjamas on your comfortable couches, like I play from time to time, and still experience the opulence and flair of a magnificent game of Roulette.

The games realistic graphics and great gameplay combined with the advanced features of playing Call Bets and Neighbouring Bets quells the cynic in me, obliging me to give it a strong 4.5 spades out of 5.