French Roulette – The Review

French Roulette – Most folks are well aware of American Roulette, the variant with a single Zero (0) as well as a double Zero (00) and of course everybody is familiar with the European variant with a single Zero (0). However there is another type of Roulette that deserves mention as it has a host of great features that are sorely lacking in the aforementioned versions of Roulette, French Roulette.

Online French Roulette

The epitome of Roulette can be found in the French counterpart; it not only pays homage to its developers but also offers players an added edge. Roulette was originally developed in 18th Century France and despite the name meaning ‘little wheel’ this particular game offers huge winning potential.

The first thing that players will notice is that the French Roulette layout of the table is slightly different and that key terminologies are in French.

However the main difference between French Roulette and other Roulette variants is the inclusion of an additional feature entitled ‘Call Bets’ that allow players to bet on predetermined sequences, such as ‘Finales en plein’ (Finals) which means you are betting on numbers ending with the same digit, straight up and ‘Les voisins’ (The neighbours’ Bet) which is bet on a certain number on the roulette wheel, which covers that number and two numbers on either side of it (left and right).

French Roulette

French Roulette Bet Types

The  French Roulette conventional green felt table features numbers 1 to 36, as well as a single Zero (0), as per the European Roulette convention, which are divided into two parts constituting the two different Outside Bets, namely :

  1. Manqué (numbers 1-18),
  2. Passé (19-36);
  3. Two Outside Bets: Impair (odd numbers) and Pair (even numbers).

In addition to the extra options available to players they can also take advantage of the ‘La Partage’ (which translates as “the share”) feature, which means that when the white ball lands on Zero, players with even real money bets (Red/Black, High/Low, Odd/Even) only lose half of their wager.

Then there are Inside bets which are wagers on either individual numbers or small groups of from 2 to 6 numbers. These have higher odds and also higher payouts. Outside bets apply to larger groups of numbers or colours (one example is Line bets, on a whole column of numbers on the Outside betting table) and can even be as general as Odds or Evens, or Reds or Blacks. The larger the group, the lower the odds involved.

French Roulette and Microgaming

Microgaming™ have taken their time to perfect the ambience of the game to deliver an exceptional  life-like experience with high quality sound effects that replicate the buzz of the crowd, the whir of the wheel and the characteristic metallic tinkle as the ball finds a slot to settle in.

The chip distribution in the game has been modelled as close to the real thing as possible and chips are available in a range of six denominations starting at 1.00 credit and escalating to 50.00 credits, which can be played in mixed chip piles.

We give French Roulette a 4/5 as you have to know what’s happening and have a firm grasp of what betting options you can use. What makes French roulette a better choice than European Roulette is the ‘La Partage’ feature which is automatically activated and drastically reduces the house edge of all even-real-money bets to just 1.35 percent making for a better chance of winning on this age-old Table Game that has charmed the world over more than once. Bonne chance!

French Roulette Basic Game Information

Theme Table Game
Player Demographic Table Game Players
Chip Sizes 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, 20.00, 25.00, 50.00 Credits
Progressive No
No. of Chips Mixed chip piles with as many chips as necessary.

French Roulette Chip Size Information

Recommended Chip Size 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, 20.00, 25.00, 50.00 Credits
Default Chip Size 1.00 Credit
No. of Chips Allowed Mixed chip piles with as many chips as necessary.
Max Jackpot in currency 5,100.00 Credits (with a bet of 760.00 Credits)

French Roulette Payouts/Odds

Bet Name Odds
Straight bet 35:1
Split bet 17:1
Street bet 11:1
Square bet 8:1
Line bet 5:1
Column bet 2:1
Dozen bet 2:1
Even-Money bet 1:1