Online Casino VIP Programs

Everyone likes to feel as though they’re important, but what if you could get an actual VIP title to your name? If you’ve always wanted to become a VIP, you’re in luck as most reputable Online Casinos offer VIP programs for those players who stand out among the rest.

But what is a VIP program I hear you ask, how does it benefit me and how do I get involved? Well, you’ve come to the right place to have those questions answered. Here at Casino UK, we’ve looked at the VIP programs of all the best casinos out there and we think we have a pretty good idea of what you should be on the lookout for.

Online Casino VIP Programs

Top Online Casino VIP Programs

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What is a VIP Program?

Put simply, an Online Casino’s VIP program is there to reward those elite players who have distinguished themselves and stood out amongst the rest. They’re there to reward players for their loyalty and give a little something back to them.

The VIP programs tend to have several different levels and offer better and better rewards as players climb up those levels, further motivating existing VIPS to keep playing and keep climbing.

How do I join one of these VIP Programs?

There are several different ways of joining these programs; it all depends on the casino’s requirements. Some casinos will automatically make players an entry-level VIP player, while other casinos will require players to deposit a certain amount of money in a specific period of time. Meeting this requirement will automatically give the player VIP status. Finally, there are also casinos out there that don’t have any automated system to bring new players into the VIP program. At these casinos, a player will be invited to become a VIP once someone at the casino has noticed them and decided that they are worthy.

Most casinos these days have automated the process of inviting VIPs, so the single best way to become one is to deposit large sums of money and play at the casino often. Depositing around £/$10 000 will pretty much guarantee your VIP status.

What are the benefits of becoming a VIP?

We’re very glad you asked because it can take quite a bit of time, money and effort to acquire VIP status, so you need to decide if it is going to be worth all that. Naturally the VIP perks and benefits are different for each online casino. One thing remains the same though; the perks are always amazing and will further help you enjoy your time with the casino.

Some of the special perks include:

  • Special Bonuses and Promotions – As a VIP player, you’re likely to receive some impressive bonuses and promotions, including match/deposit bonuses as well as cash back bonuses.
  • Faster Withdrawals– While normal players may have to wait a few days for their withdrawal to be processed and deposited into their bank accounts, as a VIP you won’t have to wait as long.
  • Higher Deposit limits – Acquiring VIP status often means hat you can deposit larger sums of money into your account than you could as a normal player.
  • Luxury Holidays – If you climb high enough up the VIP ladder, you could win a luxury holiday. These things do happen…
  • Special gifts – Many online casinos reward their VIP players with special gifts for their birthdays, this could even include customised gadgets.
  • VIP Account Manager – Some casino reward their best VIP customers with a personal VIP account manager, who will be there 24/7 to aid the player with any queries or problems.

Is it all worth it?

Only you can decide that but we think you’ll agree, some of the perks and bonuses that VIP payers get are pretty amazing. Players who just love playing at a particular casino and are not playing just to receive the rewards are likely to find them very helpful. However, if you’re putting in all this effort and money just to get these benefits, you’re likely to be disappointed.