Online Blackjack Terminology & Glossary

blackjack-terminology-wordleOnline Blackjack terminology – While some of us may be the typical creative inside with majestic emotions, sometimes it’s just simpler to fit in. A practical example of this is knowing the terms involved in a game of Online Blackjack as this leads to less confusion and embarrassment.

By the end of this short OnlineBlackjack terminology glossary, you should know what it means to ‘hit’ or ‘stand’ and what a ‘double down’ means without alluding to mental images of elephants performing at a circus.

Common Terms Used in Blackjack:

Bankroll The total amount of real money a player can bet with.
Blackjack The total of 21 on a player’s original two cards dealt.
Breaking Hand A hand that will go over 21 with a one card hit.
Bust To go bust – card totals exceeding 21; losing the game.
Deal To hand out the cards. 
Double Down An option to double the original bet, but only getting a one-card hit. Usually this is a good move when a player feels confident that with only one card he can win the round.
Draw To request additional cards for one’s current hand.
Face Cards Jack, Queen and King.
Hit To request another card from the dealer.
Hole Card A face down card, usually relating to the dealer’s single card placed face down
House Edge The casino-calculated theoretical profit that is expected to be made from the gambling game in question is known as the house edge. Typically, the figure is around 5.5% and indicates the amount a player can expect to lose if playing the game over an extended period of time. The house edge can be lowered to around 0.5% by implementing a good strategy.
Insurance Dealers offer insurance when their face-up card is an Ace. A player can take insurance by betting half of their original bet in the section of the table marked Insurance. If the dealer’s other card has a value of ten (this would mean the dealer has blackjack), a player’s insurance bet is paid out at a rate of 2:1. However, the player’s original bet is lost unless the player also has blackjack.
Natural A two-card hand totalling exactly 21 points. This is an automatic win which pays 3-2.
Push When both the player and the dealer have the same total. The player ends up keeping the bet.
Soft 17 This is any hand that consists of an Ace and any card between 2 and 7
Soft Hand The option of splitting a two card hand (of same face cards) and playing them separately.
Split Immediately after the first two cards are dealt, any two cards of the same value may be split into two separate hands by placing a bet of the same value as the initial bet next to the new hand. Most casinos will allow players to split again if subsequent cards of the same value are dealt, but splitting is usually capped at a maximum of three times per player per hand. If two Aces are split, Blackjack can no longer be achieved. (If a ten-value card is dealt after the split, the player will just have 21.)
Standing Hand A hand which has a hard total of 17 or more, and is very likely to go bust if hit with another card – the player ‘stands’.
Stand/Stay Not taking any more cards.
Surrender At the cost of half their bet, players may fold their hand after the first two cards are dealt – before splitting, doubling down or hitting again. There are two variations – an early surrender game and a late surrender game. In an early surrender game, players can surrender before the dealers check their cards. In a late surrender game, players can only surrender after the dealer has checked their cards. Late surrender games are more common.
Stiff Hand A card total between hard 12 and hard 16 that would make the player go bust on acceptance of another card is known as a stiff hand.

Blackjack Slang in Conclusion

As you can see, OnlineBlackjack lingo/Online Blackjack terminology is not too extensive and a simple read through the above should get you prepped up to play an entertaining online game or a less nerve-wracking, live table game with Martini in hand. Learn to talk the talk with the blackjack terms and rules provided by Casino UK. With this game the distance between beginner and pro is short so you don’t need to tolerate the blabber of a seasoned old coot like myself for long. Now go forth and multiply your winnings! We hope you have found all the Blackjack Terminology you would want to know! Learn more about Online Blackjack through these pages: