How To Play Online Blackjack-Step 2

Step 2: Online Blackjack Lingo

In Online Blackjack there is a lot of lingo that is used that might confuse new players. Here are a few important terms you need to know:

  • Hit– This is when a player requests another card from the dealer, after the player receives their first two cards.
  • Split– After the player receives the first two cards of the same value; they can separate the two cards. Another hit will be dealt to the split cards and the same bet made on the initial hand will be made.
  • Double Down-This is the option given to players to double their bets and also get one card hit. Players often choose this option when they feel confident that the hit will result in a win.
  • Stand– When the player chooses to not take any more cards.
  • Blackjack– This is the term used when a player scores 21 points on the two cards they have been dealt. This is also known as a Natural.
  • Face Cards– These include a King, Queen and a Jack.
  • Bankroll– The total amount of money a player is allowed to bet with.
  • Surrender– This costs a player half their bet, this is when a player doesn’t make a move after the cards have been dealt. There is an early surrender that happens at an early stage of the game and a late surrender that happens at a later stage in the game.

An image of a blackjack dealer - Online Blackjack

The Dealer in Online Blackjack

In Online Blackjack, the dealer represents the house. Therefore, the dealer is your opponent. Unlike the players, however, the dealer is bound by strict rules that dictate what they can do with their cards. A dealer is not allowed to take insurance against the possibility that a player might get blackjack, nor can they split pairs, double down or surrender.

The rules even dictate when a dealer needs to deal more cards to their hand or not. If a dealer has a card total of 16 or less, the table rules will state whether they must keep hitting (asking for another card) until they have a card total of 17 or more, or whether they must stand (not take any more cards).

Not so difficult is it? With this knowledge you can begin your first game of Online Blackjack right now. If you’re interested in more in-depth tools and tactics that will increase your winning edge, read Blackjack Strategy.

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