The Top Bingo Casinos/Sites throughout the UK

Finding bingo sites in the UK is not a difficult task; however, finding the best bingo sites in the UK can be a challenge. How do you know who offers great bingo games, and which casino offers the best bingo bonus offers?

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This is where Casino UK steps in. we take all the hassle out of finding a top Online Bingo casino by researching and understanding all the facets that make up an Online Casino. We look at factors such as:

  • Does the Casino offer a great range of bingo games?
  • Does the Casino offer great bonuses and top security?
  • Does the Casino offer great customer service and support?

There are quite a few Online Casinos that pass these tests; however we have narrowed it down to who we think are the Best Bingo Sites in the UK.

The Best Bingo Sites/Casinos in the UK

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The History of Bingo and Online Bingo

The earliest record of Bingo was in 1530 in Italy, it was called Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. Over the years the game advanced to France (In 1778 – it was labeled Le Lotto) and Germany. By the early 1920’s it had made its way into America around the Pittsburg and Pennsylvania area, continuing to spread around America and the world.

Hugh J. Ward copyrighted the term “Bingo” even though the term was used in the United Kingdom since the late 1700’s. Online Bingo began somewhere is 1996; and became a great hit amongst the bingo players.

Free Bingo vs. Real Money Bingo

Bingo can be played for free, but obviously in order to win real money, you have to play for real money. Advantages of playing bingo for free are mainly to assist you in learning how to play and are also a fun way to pass time. Once you have played for free and have learned everything you need to know, you can then begin you journey of playing bingo for real money.

When wagering for real money, when you win, you can win large amounts. Yes there is a possibility of losing money but the winning chances are even greater.

Reasons why you would want to play Online Bingo

Being in a crowded room filled with people trying to shout out can be a frustrating and noisy event. However playing online offers advantages such as:

  • You can see everything happen on your screen, as if you were at the venue, however now you can sit in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the adventure
  • Online the numbers are automatically registered so that you don’t miss a number being called out like in the land based venues
  • Make friends in the chat rooms if you want
  • You can also play against friends.

A Wide Variety of Bingo Games

There are a wide variety of bingo games. Some of the games include:

  • 30 ball version makes use of a 3×3 card and is commonly known as speed bingo. The fastest person to match the numbers read out wins.
  • 75 ball version which is a 5×5 card that has the words “free” in the middle. This version is commonly found in the US.
  • 90 ball version which uses a 9×3 card, it is played in three stages: One Line, Two Line and Full House. This version is commonly found throughout Europe in countries such as the UK, it is also found in Australia.
  • 80 ball bingo meshes the rules from 75 ball and 90 ball together. The card is 4×4 and there are many ways to win.

Online Casinos Offer Great Variants When It Comes To Bingo

There are so many of the greatest Online Casinos that offer bingo, the list never ends. Here are some of the casinos and some of the Online Bingo games they have to offer.

  • bgo Casino: Fairy Delight Joker Jackpot, Big Bang, Seaside Bingo, Need for Speed and many more.
  • Titanbet Casino: Glitz and Glam, The Ballroom, Joker Jackpot, Deal or No Deal, Connect the dots and many more.
  • Winner Casino: Presto Bingo, Winnersville, Deal or No Deal, Rainbow Riches and many more
  • Ladbrokes Casino: Garage, Joker Jackpot, Deal or No Deal, Snug, Attic and many more
  • Paddy Power Casino: Multi Balls, Crystal Room, Lucky Numbers, Rainbow Riches and many more.