Best Mobile Casino Apps

Online gambling has been popular for countless years now, but it is only over the past three years or so that mobile gaming on smart phones and tablets has become as popular. In fact, around one-in-three online gamblers currently use a mobile device for at least some of their gambling, and that number is expected to increase significantly over the next few years. From iPhones and iPads to Android tablets and smartphones you can use a casino app that will allow you to play your game of choice.

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Mobile gaming is super convenient because it allows players to play whenever they want, instead of them having the need to be ‘tied’ to a desktop PC or a laptop. Waiting for  a coffee, sitting on public transport or even a boring sales meeting (just don’t get caught!) can be made more entertaining thanks to mobile casinos.

Online casino apps are available for both iOS and Android-powered devices. The vast majority of apps now are ‘in-browser’ apps, in that they download temporarily into your web browser when they use them.

Android Mobile Casino Apps for UK players

Android Mobile CasinoAndroid is the popular mobile operating system that’s maintained by Google. It is by far the most popular mobile operating system in the world and is used on many of the most well-received mobile devices currently on the market, including the HTC 10, the Sony Xperia M5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7. Android is also the mobile operating system on popular tablets such as the Asus ZenPad, the Google Pixel, the Huawei MediaPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 series. Both Betway Casino and Winner Casino have mobile casino apps that are compatible with devices running the Android operating system.

Apple and iOS Mobile Casino Apps

Android Mobile CasinoAlthough Apple does not have the global market share that Android enjoys, their products have the best customer satisfaction ratings in the mobile industry. Apple is known for its expertise in hardware design, and its software is arguably the easiest and most functional platform in the world.

One of the disadvantages that Apple users face is the ‘walled garden’ of software that Apple enforces. Unlike Android, which is much more open to third-party developers, Apple vets each software developer before allowing software to be available to its users. For gamblers in grey markets (such as the United States), this means that mobile gambling apps typically will not be available for their devices. Fortunately for gamblers in the United Kingdom, where gambling is fully regulated and legalised by the government, there are a plethora of mobile casinos to choose from, all of which will work natively on Apple’s mobile iOS software. Both Betway Casino and Winner Casino have fully functional mobile apps on Apple’s iOS.

Gamblers in the UK are free to use both Android and Apple iOS devices to enjoy mobile gambling on some of the most popular online casinos in the UK. The trend toward mobile gaming is set to accelerate, and games such as roulette, blackjack and online slot machines will become increasingly popular on these mobile platforms.

As online casinos start to further evolve and grow, so will mobile platforms. Mobile casinos are much easier and convenient to use than desktop ones, allowing players to access their favourite sites at anytime throughout the day with no trouble and total ease.

What Are Mobile Casino Apps?


Mobile casino apps are exactly the same as online casinos but with one small difference – players can access games and play them anywhere on a mobile device.

Some games – such as online slots – are much more suited to be used via mobile casino apps than others than others. This does not mean that you cannot play casino games such as roulette or blackjack on your mobile, but such games are more suited to tablets than smart phones.

Mobile Platform Web Browsers

Nearly all online casinos now offer apps via a mobile browser. The apps are written in HTML5 – the most up-to-date programming environment for web sites. Online casino sites and games simply download temporarily to your device as you are using them – you are unlikely to need to download anything in order to play your favourite games.

To get started, all you need to do is visit the site you want to play at on your mobile device. You will automatically be redirected to the special, mobile-optimised version of the site to use on your mobile device.

Games Available at Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos, as stated before, are the same as online casinos, and the games are as well. You can play pretty much any game you can think of, whether you are an online slots fanatic or a roulette champion, Mobile casinos and their mobile platforms are just as easy to use as online casinos. Not all casinos offer the entire portfolio of their desktop games on mobile, but all the biggest and best games will definitely be available.

Mobile Platforms

If you’re a odd-bob that has a non-iOS or Android phone (such as a Blackberry handset or Windows Phone) then you’re not excluded from the mobile casino game. All handsets are capable of rendering HTML5, which is, as previously explained, the language all mobile sites are constructed from. This means that a mobile casino should work on any mobile device, and at any time.