The High Roller: High Risk, High Reward

We all want to be a high roller, where we’re able to gamble as much as we want and our business is highly sought after by Online and land-based casinos alike. The industry itself describes a High Roller as a player who is able to bet large amounts of money when gambling and is also known as a whale, which seems a little less flattering.

These players are the VIPs of the gambling world and casinos will do anything they can to attract these High Rollers and keep them happy. This includes offering a High Roller numerous rewards and benefits, which include cash back promotions, exclusive bonuses, VIP tournaments with large prizes, special gifts and even the possibility of a personal account manager.

High Roller Casino Player Money

The High Roller Games

In order for a game to be of any interest to a High Roller, it needs to have a very high betting limit. This means that if they’re lucky, they could win massive amounts of money, which is what it’s all about. High Roller games can be anything from slot games to table games, so long as players can bet a large amount of money in a single round or spin it can be classified as a high roller game.

High Roller slot games could see a player spending anything from £20 up to several thousand Pounds for a single spin of the reels, while table games like Blackjack or Roulette could see the betting limit set between £1000 and £200 000.

When it comes to the actual games that High Rollers prefer, we all probably have a similar image in our minds. Something along the lines of James Bond in Monte Carlo, drinking a Martini while playing Poker or Blackjack. The real world however is a little different. The majority of High Rollers come from Asia and there is only one main game that they play, Baccarat. This is because it is a fairly easy game to play and the house has a rather small edge. All you need to do to win is bet on whether you think the players hand or the dealers hand will be closer to 9 at the end of the round.

Baccarat is so popular in fact that in Macau, it made up for 90% of casino’s revenue. 60% of this was from High Rollers playing VIP Baccarat, while 30% was from regular Baccarat. This leaves just 10% to come from the slot machines and other table games.

Many High Rollers will actually use Rolling Chips when gambling. These are often purchased before the player arrives at the casino and receive on a credit basis. These Rolling chips are non-negotiable and will be used by the casino to properly track the VIP players activities. Players will be required to gamble with the Rolling Chip at least once and any winnings will then be paid out in normal chips.

High Roller Benefits

When you have proven yourself to be a true High Roller, the casino will likely invite you to join the VIP program, which brings numerous benefits. These can include special deposit bonuses and promotional offers. However, the most important benefit that comes with being a VIP High Roller is the increased betting limits.

The Casino will typically also offer faster withdrawal times, special gifts, competitions and, if you reach the very top, your own personal account manager. They will assist the player in anyway, including explaining any T&Cs when it comes to accepting these bonuses.

High Rollers can also expect to receive free entry fees into many of the tournaments that the casinos may run, competing with other players to win the prize money.

The Mobile High Roller

These days’ mobile casinos are becoming more and more popular. High Roller players don’t have to worry about being left behind in this regard. Many of the High Roller Casinos that can be accessed from your pc, can be accessed from your mobile devices as well. This means that no matter where you are, you’ll be able to wager large amounts of money and take home the massive wins!