Unibet Poker UK Review

As a whole Unibet Casino has managed to make a remarkable name for itself within the online casino world. As such, it comes as no surprise that Unibet Poker has managed to stand out just as strongly in its own right. This particular online poker room has a lot which it brings to the figurative table and as such, can keep you entertained for hours.

Unibet Poker on Desktop

The outlay and theme of the site are unanimous with the actual online casino’s greens and bold texts. One of the most memorable things that stand out with this particular online poker room is the characters and poker identities it offers.

You will be able to select an alias character to represent you based in a caricature pseudo reality format. But better yet, if your competitors star is calling you out on one too many bluffs, you will then be able to CHANGE your character’s appearance, basically giving you an entirely new alias to operate under. This is offered to you three times a day! So you can rest assured that if your poker face is seen one too many times, you will be able to give it a new look entirely.

Games Offered at Unibet Poker

Another tempting aspect of Unibet Poker is the fact that you will have your choice of a wide variety of different ways in which you can partake in the casino classic.

  • First and foremost there are the cash games. The Omaha and Texas Hold’em cash games run twenty four seven at Unibet Poker and your buy ins range in price from £2 – £400, so whether you are a card shark or a novice, you can wager what makes you feel comfortable
  • Banzai is a short-stack short-handed cash game which brings the thrill of speed to the table. You are only able to buy-in for ten big blinds and no less!
  • Sit and go is a game in which you select a buy-in which matches your certain budget and take your seat at the table. As soon as the table is completely full, the game will begin. These types of tournaments general last for less than an hour and can be played by a table veteran or new comers alike.

Bonuses and Tournaments at Unibet Poker

There are a number of tournament types available to all of the players at Unibet Poker. Let us begin first discussing the different categories which these are placed into. There are four different categories of tournaments available for all to enter into and these are based completely on your preference of price range:

  • The Unibet Open in which your lowest buy in comes in at £01 and your highest ranging to £10
  • Next there is the £0.00 – £9.00 category
  • Up next for the intermediate players they have the £10 to £25 range
  • Finally, for all heavy weights there is the £26+ group which ranges all the way to a £250 buy in

Within each category, there are ten different tournaments, meaning that in total you have forty tournaments in which you will be able to compete.

Money Matters at Unibet Poker

With regards to monetary concerns, you will be able to make the same kinds of transactions that you would be able to with the casino. There are various forms of currencies supported but as a British player it is important to know that the Great British Pound Sterling is one of the supported currencies. With Unibet Poker, you will be able to make deposits through your credit or debit cards, from a bank account, from a prepaid card such as Paysafecard or through an eWallet such as Neteller or Skrill.

When withdrawing your cash, you will need to open the my account tab on your page and select make a withdrawal these tabs will tell you exactly how you will be able to withdraw your cash and how much you will be allowed to take per transaction. You can make use of the above mentioned deposit options in this field as well and certain time frames are allocated for each.

Unibet Poker on Laptop

Support and Languages Offered at Unibet Poker

With regards to support and languages provided by Unibet Poker, you will be covered once again when it comes to the options which you are able to select. You can choose from the list of following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese

With regards to your support system, there is a very helpful ‘Get Help’ tab which literally breaks down queries in a more advanced FAQ type of basis, you will also be able to make use of their instant chat option, send through an email and be able to give them a call.

Overall Rating of Unibet Poker

An image of 5 casino ratingOverall, I was highly impressed with the offerings of this online poker room. I shall therefore be awarding Unibet Poker with the grand total of five out of five spades. You are spoilt for choice with this particular Poker Room and should be able to make use of all of their features flawlessly as I have had the privilege of doing.

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Unibet Poker UK Review