Casinos in the UK that accept Neteller

Along with Skrill, Neteller is the online casino industry’s most recognised brand when it comes to internet-based payments. The vast majority of online casinos now accept Neteller as a payments option – in fact if an online casino accepts eWallet payments, then 99.99% of the time they will accept payments to your casino account via Neteller.Image of Neteller Banking Method


Neteller was originally created in Canada in 1999. It was created to help players at online poker rooms in the USA and overseas fund their poker accounts. The company moved to the Isle of Man in 2004, but was hit badly in 2007 when the US government declared that playing online poker in the USA was not legal. As a result, Neteller lost three-quarters of its annual revenue.

Thankfully, this turned out to be a temporary blip and by providing payment solutions to online casinos, the company’s future began to look much more rosier. By 2015 Neteller’s parent company – Optimal Payments – were performing so well that they purchased Neteller’s main rival, Skrill. Skrill already owned Paysafecard, meaning that Optimal Payments (since rebranded as Paysafe Group) owned three of the biggest online payment providers available anywhere – Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard.

Pros and Cons


  • Accepted at nearly all online casinos that accept eWallets
  • Keep your banking/card details safe and secure
  • Fund your account as and when you need
  • All you need in an email address and funding source


  • Deposit bonuses are usually not available for Neteller deposits
  • Some fees may be involved


Your Neteller account helps protect your bank account, or your credit or debit card details or whatever method you use to fund your dealings at Neteller. All you need to make payments at an online casino via Neteller is your account ID (usually your email address) and a secure ID or authorisation code. These details will be encrypted by the online casino you use them at, helping to protect your account from unwanted incursions.

Deposit and time

Depositing at an online casino with Neteller is super easy – all you need is your Neteller ID and an authorisation code. Once you’ve set these up, you can deposit from your Neteller account whenever you so wish. You can add funds to your Neteller account so you have money available, or you can set up your account so money is automatically taken from your bank account or cards whenever you use Neteller. Deposits are swiftly approved, meaning your cash is readily available.

Withdrawals to Neteller typically take between twenty-four and forty-eight hours, once approval from the online casino has been obtained. Note that at a few online casinos, fees may be involved.


As we’ve already indicated, opening, using and funding a Neteller account is extremely simple. You only need a valid email address to set one up, and some source of funding either automatically or when required. You then simple select Neteller as your payment source when it comes to making your deposit at an online casino, or wherever you use your account.


If you’ve nervous about letting an online casino having your bank account, credit card or debit card details, then Neteller is the ideal solution. By only allowing Neteller to know your personal info, you can keep it extra secure. Find all the best online casinos that accept Neteller right here at CasinoUK.