Strike It Lucky Casino United Kingdom 2016 Review

casino-rating-3In the world of online gaming, you have plenty of sites available to you. Some of these websites are fancy and exciting, and others are just functional. Strike It Lucky Casino falls in this second camp. This is likely because the site has been around since 2000 and it has changed very little in the years since launch. This functional casino has quite a lot to offer if you can get past the lack of exciting graphics and colours.

A quick look at the site and you will likely be underwhelmed. That being said, it is worth checking into it a bit more. You will find that the casino is just as much fun and has just as many thrills as casinos with flash and bang. In addition, the specials and bonuses (detailed below) make it well worth checking into for a fun way to spin the slots or play a few digital cards.

Strike it Lucky Casino Review

Strike It Lucky Casino Theme

What’s the theme of Strike It Lucky Casino? There is no theme! Sure, there are a few shamrocks scattered around the site, but these do not cohere into a solid statement. If you’re used to the glitz and glamour of a Las Vegas casino, you may be a bit disappointed by the lack of theming. However, if you just want to play a few games and try to win a handsome prize, the lack of a theme (and associated graphics) is not that big of a deal — is it?

Specials and Bonuses at Strike It Lucky Casino 

The main “new player bonus” that is designed to attract users to the site is a pretty typical “free £20 when you deposit £40” bonus. This is only for new players to the site and it is set up very simply. Once you deposit your £40, you will get 2000 VIP bonus points which are worth £20 in cash that you can play on your favourite games.

The site doesn’t advertise the bonuses that are available for returning players, but I have been assured by customer service that they regularly offer additional bonuses for its best players. After all, this is the type of special and bonus set up that will keep you coming back again and again.

Games Selection found at Strike It Lucky Casino 

The selection of games at Strike It Lucky Casino is diverse and exciting. Roulette, blackjack, video poker and even some of the crazy poker type games that you would find at a “real life” casino. However, the real draw in terms of game selection is in the slots department. These slot games include some of the flashiest, most fun video slot machines. If you love big bonus games, jackpots, and more, you’ll love the selection at Strike it Lucky Casino.

Think about your favourite Vegas-style slot – there is probably a comparable version available at Strike It Lucky Casino. Plus, there are new games being launched on a regular basis. This means you never have to worry about getting bored!

At the time of writing, there is no mobile casino site or app available for use with Strike It Lucky Casino.

Strike It Lucky Casino Graphics/Software

The Microgaming software system is one of the most popular graphics and software packages in the business. Anyone who has played in a Microgaming casino can attest to the fact that these are some of the fastest, smoothest games in the system. The excitement of gaming with Microgaming is something with which you cannot argue.

The graphics in the Strike It Lucky Casino lobby are underwhelming, but they are functional. Once you get into the games, you will not remember it through—depending on the game, some of these are flashier and more exciting than you would expect.

Strike it Lucky Casino review

Money Matters with Strike It Lucky Casino

As far as money is concerned, you will not be lacking when it comes to choice of deposit and withdrawal methods. There are a multitude of different ways to make both deposits and withdrawals into and from your online casino account, but it is good to know that the major eWallet, Credit and Debit card house are all supported. Furthermore, as an English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish citizen, it is also useful to know that the Great British Pound Sterling is one of the supported currencies at Strike It Lucky Casino. Furthermore, you will have the ability to withdraw a maximum amount of £4000 per week.

Customer Service/Support at Strike It Lucky Casino

You have three different options when it comes to customer service at Strike It Lucky Casino. If you have a problem that does not require assistance “in the moment,” you can send a message via email. The site generally responds in less than 24 hours. If you do need quick assistance, call the toll free number in the UK or reach out and contact the customer service team through live chat.

Finally, you may be able to find support yourself. An in-depth FAQ makes it easy to find answers to your questions without even resorting to the chat or phone options.

Overall Rating of Strike It Lucky Casino

casino-rating-3For a middle of the road casino like Strike It Lucky Casino, I give the casino a middle of the road rating—three out of five spades. There is nothing Strike it Lucky offers that you can’t find at a different casino. However, that being said, a solidly performing platform like Strike It Lucky Casino is a great place for gamers to start, those who are just getting into the fun of online slots or table games. My recommendation is to take advantage of the bonuses and specials and see how it works for you. The lack of a splashy homepage is certainly no reason not to play.

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Strike It Lucky Casino United Kingdom 2016 Review