An introduction to mobile casinos

The online casino sector becomes more fiercely competitive by the year. With a total worldwide revenue of around $50bn at the end of 2017, it is easy to see why the online gambling market is so crucial to many operators.

All this competition for players attention (and money!) has seen mobile casinos become increasingly popular. The mobile platform that an online casino site offers is now vital to its overall success and popularity.

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The rise of the smartphone

There is no doubt that advances in digital technology have led mobile casinos to become an essential ingredient for modern casino sites. Pretty much all contemporary players now have a smartphone or tablet on their person at all times – from work to play. This not only presents extra opportunities for the casino sites to raise additional revenue through mobile gaming but has also changed how players want to play.

Many modern gamblers want to have the freedom to play games when they are on the move. Smartphones enable them to enjoy some online action wherever they may be. From that brief 10-minute commute into work to the quick 5-minute break from the office, players now want to access games around the clock. Mobile casinos meet this demand and allow you to play your favourite game online when you want to.

Advantages of mobile casinos

Compared to playing casino games via a traditional desktop PC, mobile casinos offer some great advantages to players:

  • Play wherever you are

As we have touched on above, mobile casinos give you complete freedom to play whenever you want to and wherever you are. This means you don’t have to wait until you get home when you might not feel like playing anymore. In this regard, mobile casinos give control back to the player.

  • Mobile casino bonuses

With so much choice out there, casino sites now have to stand out to be heard. One way they do this that benefits the mobile gamer is through casino-specific bonuses. This means that if you sign up as a mobile player you will get access to extras that desktop-based players may not.

  • The latest technology

The technology of smartphones and tablets moves pretty fast! Luckily, this is another advantage as mobile casino players will get games to enjoy that make use of this. This means you can experience better animation, sound and graphics than you might get playing on your older desktop computer. It can also mean being able to play games that your old desktop computer is not compatible with or can’t handle.

  • Exclusive content

Another advantage of using a mobile casino is that they may offer certain games that are exclusive to that mobile platform. With casino operators fully embracing the importance of their mobile casino offering, they are beginning to capitalise on this as a way of attracting customers to their mobile platform.

How are casinos increasingly emphasising mobile products?

More and more casino sites are pouring money into their mobile platforms. As a result, not only has the number of mobile casinos increased, but the impetus has been placed on them within the industry. Casino operators are making major efforts to market their mobile platforms and increase public awareness of what they offer.

This has also meant that more and more developers are making mobile-friendly games that casino sites can offer to players. By exhibiting a wider selection of games on their mobile platforms, casino sites are doing all they can to raise the public’s attention to mobile gaming. From slot games to traditional table games, casino sites are really underscoring their mobile products in a bid to win more customers.

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Who are the best mobile-friendly games providers?

Of course, a mobile casino is only as good as the games it holds to play. Game developers are a massive part of the equation as they build the mobile-friendly games for casino sites to offer. Without the developers doing this, there would be no mobile games to play!

Here are a few of the most well-known mobile-friendly games developers:

  • Quickspin

One of the most innovative companies around in game development is Sweden’s Quickspin. They have been quick to make sure their games are playable on smartphones or tablets in response to the growing demand for it. Titles such as Sticky Bandits and Northern Sky show just why their unique and fun games are so popular.

  • NetEnt

With offices around the world from Sweden to Gibraltar, this company is also renowned for their superb mobile-friendly games. Found on premier sites like LeoVegas, titles such as Gonzo’s Quest showcase their quirky personality and attention to detail in their design of stunning mobile games.

  • Playtech

This developer has been going since 1999 and has built a huge reputation over the years. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, they boast 3,400 employees in 12 different countries! They were also one of the first developers to see the potential of developing games for mobile casinos.

Mobile casinos are here to stay

Along with the trajectory of advancing smartphone and tablet technology, mobile casinos are here to stay. The sheer focus casino sites are placing on them now demonstrates how valuable they are to both hosting sites and players alike.

The companies recognise the extra revenue it could bring them, but the major contributing factor to playing games online in a mobile casino is the players themselves. It is their change in gaming habits that has seen mobile casinos rise to where they sit in the industry today.

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