Slots Casino United Kingdom 2016

Slots casinos provide players from the United Kingdom with the best range of online slots in 2016. If you’re an avid online slot player, we at Casino UK would highly recommend that players spend some time looking for online casinos that focus on slot games. There are quite a few reasons why UK players should consider looking for a slots casino, and we’ll be sure to go through them all right here for you.

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What is a Slots Casino?

The term slots casino is one that some players in the UK may be unfamiliar with. A slots casino is an online casino that caters to the needs of players who want to play online slot games. This could mean that the online casino focuses solely on slots, but this is unlikely to be the case. Most online slots casinos will simply make sure they have a vast slots section and a much smaller variety of table games.

You generally won’t find an online casino exclusively offer slot games, as the casino in question wants players to ideally only play at their establishment. If an online casino doesn’t offer any table games and a player decides they want to play some Roulette, they’d go elsewhere, which is not in the casinos best interests.

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Why play at an online slots casino?

Now that you know what the term slots casino means, you may be wondering why you should play at one. The only reason you’d want to do so is if you’re an avid online slots player. It doesn’t make sense to go out of your way to find and play at a slots casino if you prefer table games.

However, if you do spend most of your time playing slots, then it will be worth your while to find one.

The Slot Game Selection

One of the best reasons for UK slot players to seek out an online casino that focuses on slot games is the game selection. An online casino that focuses on slot games will generally have a much larger selection of titles available for its players. Not only this, but it is likely to only source its games from the best software developers in the industry.

Slot Bonuses

Another good reason for players from the United Kingdom to make sure they find a slot casino is the bonuses. If the online casino knows that the players are mainly there for online slots, it will use this fact to reward players. UK players will notice that online slots casinos will tend to offer bonuses that cater to slots, including free spins as part of the welcome bonus. While UK players stand to get their normal deposit bonuses when joining the online casino, but they’ll also get a number of free spins at the casino.

Players will sometimes be able to use these free spins on a selection of slot games, but in other situations, they will only be valid for a single slot. Online casinos will typically do this to promote a new slot game at their casino, driving player traffic to the new game.

Slot casinos will also typically run promotions for their exsisting UK players, offering free spins as part of numerous different types of promotions.

No Deposit Free Spin Bonus

Another thing that slot casinos like to do is offer players from the United Kingdom a no deposit bonus in the form of free spins. No deposit bonuses are highly sought after bonuses from online casinos, where new players can get a bonus without having to make a deposit into their casino account.

In the past, this was typically given to players in the form of a small amount of credits, £10 or so. These days though, many UK online casinos instead opt to give their players a set number of free spins as the no deposit bonus. Either way, it is a great way for new players to get into the world of gaming.

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Choosing a good slot casino

Before you even start playing at a slot casino, you need to make sure you’re choosing the right one. In general, online casinos are a safe and reliable place to do some gambling, but there are some online casinos out there who are not quite as honest. Players from the UK need to make sure they avoid these types of casinos, as they’ll likely not win while playing, or get their money out if they do win.

It is therefore vitally important that players make sure that the slot casino they’re choosing is licenced, regulated and respectable. In order to do this, players will need to check that it is licenced by third-party groups like the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. Another organisation that monitors online casinos is eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). This organisation will make sure that the casino’s games are fair and not rigged. Here at Casino UK, we make sure we check all online casinos we recommend, to ensure we only suggest the trustworthy slots casinos to our UK players.

Types of Slots found at Slot Casinos

Once players have managed to find a good slots casino in the United Kingdom, they’ll be greeted by hundreds of online slots. These online slots will all come with different themes and flavours, but there are also some key differences that separate the different types of slot.

Three-Reel Slots

These types of slots are typically your older and simpler slot games. Sometimes players and casinos will refer to these as classic slots. Most of the time they will not have any special bonus games or anything like that. These are enjoyed by UK players who prefer the simpler games out there and there should be a pretty decent selection at most slots casinos.

Five-Reel Slots

Five-reel slots are probably the most popular type of slot game you’ll find online. There is a huge variety with some being simpler, while others can have several different bonus games. This means they have the potential to be far more complicated than three-reel slot games. However, they tend to offer a huge selection of different themes and have become extremely popular with players all over the UK. While most slot games top out at five reels, there are some out there that have six or more reels, but there are quite rare.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots offer UK players the biggest and best jackpots. Progressive jackpot slots come in various different shapes and sizes, with different themes and three and five-reel versions. The big difference is that the jackpot is not fixed and will grow every time a player places a wager. The jackpot will keep growing until a lucky player is able to win the jackpot, which can be worth millions of Pounds.

Slots Casino Conclusion

Overall there are plenty of great reasons to find yourself a quality online slots casino. These casinos offer UK players the biggest and best selections of slot games, as well as bonuses and promotions that will reward slot lovers.

If you love slot games, taking the time to find an online casino that focuses on slots will be well worth your while. If, however, table games are more your thing, be sure to check out our page on the best Table Game Casinos.