Online Casinos in the UK that accept Paysafecard

There is no safer option when it comes to paying for services online than Paysafecard. The reason? You buy your Paysafecard for cash over the counter at any retailer that provides them (and there are thousands all over the UK that do). There is no connection to any other banking accounts you may have, and when you’ve spent all the money on the card, you bin it!

Image of Paysafecard Logo


Paysafecard was founded in Austria in 2000, and is available in over forty countries worldwide. It was created to allow people to pay for services online who did not have internet-based bank accounts or banking options. At first Paysafecards were actual cards, but they quickly migrated to being simple paper receipts with a sixteen digit pin number printed upon them.

In 2013 Paysafecard was purchased by the leading online eWallet payment system Skrill (formerly Moneybookers). A year later Skrill also bought Paysafecard’s leading competitor, Ukash. Ukash was merged into Paysafecard and the Ukash brand dropped.

In 2015 Skrill was purchased by Optimal Payments, the owners of the other leading eWallet, Neteller. Optimal Payments therefore also took over ownership of Paysafecard, and renamed themselves ‘Paysafe Group‘. Paysafe Group are now by far the leading provider of non-banking payment services in the world.

Pros and Cons


  • There’s no safer way to pay for goods and services online
  • Quick and convenient – pay cash over the counter
  • Keep your personal financial details safe and secure
  • Buy cards as often as you want, and for any amount up to £175


  • You cannot reload an existing Paysafecard with cash
  • You cannot withdraw to a Paysafecard


Your money and your important financial information is kept secure with a Paysafecard. The servers at Paysafe simply link a monetary amount (i.e. the fee you paid to receive the card less any money spent on it) with the sixteen digit pin code. You just use the code to fund your online casino account.

Deposit and time

Because it is so simple to use, deposits using Paysafecard are completed virtually instantaneously. Just select ‘Paysafecard’ as your payment option, then enter your deposit amount and the sixteen digit pin code. Note that you do not have to use the full amount on your card as your deposit amount. Any remaining cash stays on your card until the full amount is used up.

You cannot withdraw to a Paysafecard.


The online ‘annoying’ aspect of a Paysafecard is that you have to venture out into the real world in order to receive one! You pay cash over the counter at an appropriate retailer (you can use the Paysafecard website to find one close to you), and you will receive a receipt with your sixteen digit pin code. This is your ‘card’ – don’t lose it, else there is no way of recovering your cash! You then use this sixteen digit pin code to pay for goods and services online.


If you want simplicity and safety, then Paysafecard is the choice for you. As are you paying cash for your card, there’s no reason to divulge any of your sensitive financial information. Not all is perfect though – you cannot reload or withdraw to Paysafecards – but if those are not big issues for you, then go get your Paysafecard and start wagering!