How Your MyCitadel eWallet can Help You With Casino Banking

MyCitadel is a highly renowned eWallet available for all to make use of. This is a particularly favoured method of payment when it comes to casino banking options as it provides players with the ability of not having to disclose any of their personal banking information on the internet. Many folks have reservations about doing such – not only online gamblers – and eWallets give you the security of ever having to do this again. Read on for more information on how My Citadel will aid you when it comes to casino banking options.

Image of MyCitadel holding company logo

MyCitadel: The trouble-free payment option for Online Casinos

This is a fantastic option when looking at the many varieties of e-wallet payment software. They have many options which suit every customers needs, making it convenient both online and off. MyCitadel is part of the company Citadel Commerce, which aids them in providing the fastest payment processing and transfers. They have an expert customer support team that can help you out with any query you may have, in numerous languages.

MyCitadel offers Online Casino Players safe and secure gaming

MyCitadel works by transferring funds from your normal bank account or credit card into your MyCitadel Wallet, which then makes your payments easy and safe. There is no longer a need to give out your banking details to every single person you transfer money to, making your online payments more secure.

MyCitadel Express is ideal for Online Casinos

One of the many features of this service provider is their MyCitadel Express Pay, which allows your money to be transferred instantly, directly coming from a customer’s existing and linked bank account or credit card. This service is not only available in the UK, but it is also completely free. This service is perfect for online gambling, as there is no need to constantly check your  Wallet balance, as if there is no money left in your account, it will simply comes straight from your normal banking account.