Online Casinos in the UK that accept InstaDebit

INSTADEBiT at online casinos is a popular casino banking method for players in Canada. It is a trusted financial services provider and it comes as no surprise that when it comes to online casino banking, this is a chosen method for both payment and withdrawal. There are a vast array of benefits to using INSTADEBiT for casino banking purposes and above all, it is easy and straight forward to use. Read on to discover the simplicity of Instadebit and how it can solve all your casino banking problems.

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INSTADEBiT was introduced in 2004 as a means for Canadian players to make online payments, in particular to online casinos and other online gambling sites. It is also accepted at a large number of online gaming sites, including Facebook games and Playdom. INSTADEBiT now accepts every major bank and financial services provider in Canada, and you can make payments in both Canadian (CAD) and United States (USD) dollars.

For a number of years you could open up an INSTADEBiT account even if you were not based in Canada. However, all this changed when in 2014 INSTADEBiT decided to make their services available only to residents in Canada.

Pros and Cons


  • Highly secure – provide your DOB and SIN number
  • Once set up, INSTADEBiT is extremely easy to use
  • Very versatile – accepted at other outlets beside online casinos


  • A low percentage of online casinos accept INSTADEBiT
  • Only available to players in Canada


Your financial information is kept secure and protected by INSTADEBiT and is never shared with online casinos, or any merchant you may wish to use your INSTADEBiT account at. With every transaction you are required to enter your date of birth and the final four digits of your SIN (Social Insurance Number) in order to ratify that it is you whom is making the transaction. In addition, all communication between your computer (or mobile device) is transmitted using 128-bet encryption technology.

Deposit and Time

As INSTADEBiT is largely an eWallet-style scheme, deposits are usually processed by online casinos at speed. You just need to select your deposit method and the amount you wish to add to your casino account. Once you have gone through the identification process, your money should be available in your casino account.

Withdrawals to INSTADEBiT accounts are pretty swift too. Most casinos that accept INSTADEBiT as a payment method will clear your withdrawal within forty-eight hours. It may then take another twenty-four hours or so for the money to appear in your account.


if you choose INSTADEBiT as your payment method then the first time you use it you will prompted to open an INSTADEBiT account. You will need to supply your name, address, email address, your date of birth, the last four digits of your SIN and your bank account information. You will then need to verify your account. Once you have done this, you should never have to go through this verification step again, and you are free to use your INSTADEBiT account at any merchant that accepts it.


INSTADEBiT is one of the most secure web-based payments services around, so it’s a shame that INSTADEBiT is now only available to customers in Canada. Having said that, not all online casinos accept INSTADEBiT as a payment provider, so the impact to non-Canadians is minimal. If you are in Canada though, INSTADEBiT is an excellent and highly secure way of paying for web-based goods and services.