Click2Pay in Online Casinos UK

Making use of Click2Pay in online casinos within the United Kingdom can make your casino banking a lot simpler. This E-Wallet is a safe and secure way to perform casino banking tasks which is quickly growing in popularity within the online casino world. Read on to discover more about this popular E-Wallet below.

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Click2Pay in Online casinos: An easy-to-use E-Wallet for Online Gambling

Click2Pay is a type of E-Wallet payment system, which was founded in 2003 in Münich, Germany. Their headquarters are now located in Berlin, however, this service is available in multiple countries all around the world. They also operate in a variety of different currencies.

Click2Pay and How it Works

Click2Pay can be used in different online places, from stores to casinos. This electronic cash system works through an account that is connected to your normal bank account. When you have registered an account you will receive a Personal Account Number (PAN) and an ID-code from which you can use for future online purchases. This is a good means of protecting your banking details, as the recipients of the payment will only see your Click2Pay details instead of your actual banking details. These payments happen instantly, are a quick, safe and convenient way to pay for anything you may wish online.

Click2Pays Star-Rating

Click2Pay gives you a Star-Rating, which limits the amount of money you can use in a time frame of 7 days. This rating will increase overtime, allowing you to spend more of your money at one time. The higher your Star-Rating, the higher the amount of money you can spend.