UK Sports Betting

All you need to know about UK Sports Betting

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Like all betting, sports betting is an activity involving the prediction of the results and placing a stake on it. Sports’ gambling has pretty much been around since sports were created, with England having it as a long time honoured tradition. Each sport has a different system for online betting, and each Online Casino can use different systems to one another as well.

Online UK Sports Betting Basics

Online sports betting is the act of taking ones money and betting it on certain sports team/person/outcomes to win. This involves choosing a reputable and reliable online sports betting website which will offer you all the basics, if not extra sport betting options. Whereas, land based betting, sports betting involves a bookmaker, betting agencies or a bookie in order to place a be. Online sports betting is purely the act of you choosing a website, choosing who you want to bet on, choosing what bet type you want to make and choosing your bet amount.

Online sports’ betting is more personal however, it involves patience and research and if done correctly, you will be rewarded.

How to Bet on your Favourite Sports:

  1. Pick a game (e.g. Cricket, Basketball, Football/Soccer, etc.)
  2. Depending on the game, there are various leagues, locations or tournaments to bet on (e.g. UEFA, The Masters Cup or USPGA)
  3. Make your decision (Betting websites show you upcoming events to bet on)

UK Sports Betting includes making your bet. There are various bets to choose from: e.g. Half Time/Full Time, Double Chance, Result/Both Teams to Score, to Qualify, Correct Score, full time Result, double Chance, Half Time/Full Time Full Score, Goals Over/Under or Draw No Bet.

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Sports Betting Terminology

There are various terminologies that one should be made aware of when partaking in sports betting/UK Sports Betting. Here are few terms that are good to know:

  • Sportsbook: This is a place that takes bets which is done by the bookie.
  • Parlays: This is a combination bet, this is the act of making four separate bets on four different games, a better only has to place a single parlay bet, thus hoping to predict the outcomes of all four games.
  • The spread: For football and basketball the point spread is used. The spread makes all games competitive to all betters by giving it a handicap.
  • Pick’em: Pick, or Pick’em refers to teams that are considered to be equal and both teams have a line of -1.10
  • Handicap: In order to level the betting field, a handicap is to give one team a points advantage over the other
  • Action: This is the actual activity of betting (e.g. Show me the action)
  • Handle: This is the total amount of money wagered on bets
  • Juice: This is the profit the bookie makes when collecting all bets
  • The money line: In certain sports, a point spread isn’t able to score high enough, thus a money line is introduced.

Online UK Sports Betting Odds

Odds rely on various factors, in order to ensure you place a winning online bet you need to understand certain odds:

  • The teams overall spirit: This could dictate the outcome of a game if a team is on a winning streak, on a downward spiral and it also depends on how united the players are in the team
  • Are major players injured? If so, this could definitely affect the outcome of the game
  • Weather: If it has been raining, dry, or overall not well maintained, playing surfaces can really be affected, causing players who are not used to these conditions to not perform at their best.
  • Playing surfaces: In tennis for example, there are various surfaces, and certain players are only accustomed to what they have played on. In order to be adaptable on all surfaces, players need to intensively train on all surfaces
  • Home vs. away: If teams are playing at home they tend to have a better advantage due to the fans and knowledge of the field

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Top Online UK Sports Betting Casinos

At Casino UK, we took the time out to do some research on the ultimate sports betting sites and casinos. Below is a list of the top Sports betting sites in the UK:

  • William Hill: With more than 30 sports to choose from, William Hill is one of the best known casinos for online sports betting.
  • Betway: With a sleek styled online sportsbook, Betway offer you an amazing sports betting experience.
  • Super Lenny: This was a Casino that was started by Sportsbook and Casino enthusiasts. They wanted the experience to be as simple as possible.

The Major Types Of UK Sports Betting Include:

Football or Soccer Betting:

Out of all sports, Football or Soccer betting has become the most popular sports betting in the world. Similar to that of baseball and hockey, Football wager using a money line. Read More…

Horse Racing Betting:

Betting on horse racing isn’t a complicated procedure. Most often, you place your bet, wait for the results and either collect your winnings or don’t receive anything.  Read More…

Golf Betting:

With super sport stars of the likes of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, it comes to no surprise that golf has become a truly global game. Not only is golf a brilliant sport, but it’s also great to get involved with golf betting. Read More…

Tennis Betting:

Tennis is a very simple and quiet old sport. Tennis is a racquet sport played between either two individuals or between two teams with two players on each side. Read More…