Playing Online Poker Tournaments

Online Poker tournaments are better than ever! With larger guarantees and more scheduled tournaments today than ever before, there’s no question you can find exactly the Poker tournament that is perfect for you! Before you sit down in a Poker cash game, take a minute to learn some of the amazing benefits of playing in a large online Poker tournament.

Poker Chips

Taking risks and gambling is part of a good strategy

There is a reason why the image of a Poker cash game player is a patient, professional grinder who is just waiting to get his money in against an unwitting fish. Tournament Poker, on the other hand, forces the pros to gamble, as the increasing blinds ensure that they will be left without a stack if they wait for the “perfect spot” to get their money in. This also means you’ll be able to scratch that gambling itch and feel good about the decision to do so!

You could get a return of hundreds or even thousands of times your buy-in in a matter of hours

In cash games, most people consider it a “great” session when they win four or five buy-ins. Most of the time winning sessions equate to doubling or tripling up, and many winning sessions will be for far less than that. On the other hand, winning a Poker tournament can mean making hundreds or thousands of times the initial buy-in. The feeling of dominating a tournament field to earn first-place money simply cannot be matched by a winning cash game session.

The player pools tend to be weaker

Whether you’re a recreational player or a serious grinder, tournament fields almost always have a weaker player pool than cash games. Part of this is because of the same reasons stated above, and part of it is because tournaments are marketed more heavily by casinos (both online and live). Whatever the reason, the fact of the matter is that playing in tournaments means you’ll be less likely to face off against a seasoned pro and more likely to mix it up with someone who wants to gamble just like you!