All Aces Video Poker Review

All Aces Video Poker variation offers players something a little bit different from the standard as this exciting version puts a distinct emphasis on Aces. The game’s title is a bit misleading as one would think attaining 4 Aces from the standard 52 card deck would be the superior hand but no, the highest paying hand is still a Royal Flush then followed by 4 Aces.

Despite this small oversight this particular Video Poker variant offers one of the highest payouts available through Microgaming’sTM suit at 99.92%; so that puts the house edge at just 0.08% – so far so good.

On top of that astounding statistic you can also expect to get a chance to double your winnings – immediately after a win you are presented with an option to take part in a double-or-nothing bet. If you accept this option then you will be presented with 5 cards, the first card is dealt facing upwards and the 4 remaining cards are dealt facing downwards. Your objective is to choose a card that is of higher value than the upwards facing card and if you succeed you double your win, otherwise you lose it all.

All Aces Video Poker

All Aces Video Poker Features

Right, now that you know what you’re dealing with let’s look how the game is played. All Aces features a standard deck of cards, which means 52 cards with no Jokers and there are no Wild cards in the game.

The first thing that you’ll notice is that the payout table takes up a substantial part of the screen and that you’re able to select the number of coins wagered directly from the table whereas you can increase or decrease the coin size at the bottom of the screen.

The multi-denominations that are available are as follows: The amount of coins you’re betting with ranges from 1 to 5 and you can then proceed to change the coin size from 0.25 to 5. So as you may have calculated the maximum bet you can place on a hand is 25 with the top payout set at 20,000.

Once you’re happy with your wager you can click the Deal button which gives you 5 cards. As this is Poker, and the objective is to obtain the best hand from the five cards, you can chose to discard and replace cards once per hand in order to improve your chances.

The game is rounded out by the inclusion of sound and speed settings which can be controlled via the Game Options button. In addition to that there is a Win Summary that displays the percentage ratios of winning hands.

All in all this is a great Video Poker game that offers some extra features while still keeping things simple by not having an Autoplay function – you have to do the thinking here. We give it a 4.5 out of 5 based on the low house edge and the fact that you can double your winnings if you’re brave enough.

All Aces Video Poker Bets and Coins

Coin Sizes 0.25, 0.5, 1.00,  2.00, 5.00
Minimum Coin Size 0.25
Maximum Coin Size 5.00
Default Coin Size 1.00
Maximum No. of Coins 5 coins
Default No. of Coins 5 coins
Default Bet 5 coins x 1.00 = 5.00
Min Bet 1 coin x 0.25 = 0.25
Max Bet 5 coins x 5.00 = 25.00
Recommended Top Payout 4,000 coins x 5.00 = 20,000.00