Play Avalon II Video Slots Game

Enshrouded by the haunted shores of Avalon II–the mystical island whose faerie sovereigns granted King Arthur eternal life –lays a gilded chest of treasures –rewards of wealth and luxury of mythical proportions, deep beneath the mysterious, murky depths of its spellbound, placid lakes. Just as that eternal, mysterious and ethereally beautiful Naiad, the Lady of the Lake, drew forth the powerful Excalibur sword from the watery depths of her everlasting abode in presentation to the heroic warrior-King Arthur Pendragon, so too will she unveil the ancient treasures of Avalon to a lucky winner who dares to plumb those enchanted waters and retrieve a prize of untold treasures from those enchanted, glassy lakes whose silent waters never move to stir, save for their beautiful Lady whose immortal enchantment and grace soothed the ragged despair of Arthur and captivated the powerful wizard Merlin with her faerie charm.

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You too can discover the adventure, magic and untold riches of Avalon II, an online casino video slots game sourced from the dawn of shrouded pagan mythology to bring you adventure, excitement and spellbound winnings whose legends echo through the august halls of Camelot.

Ways to win on Avalon II

This internet slots gambling title offers bewitching gaming opportunities, consisting of 5 reels, 20 paylines and a maximum bet of 10 coins per payline, yielding ye brave paladins a maximum jackpot prize of $105,000.00 in cash. The spellbound Castle of Avalon, ensconced by ghosts of mist and fog, represents the Wild Card of the game, which substitutes for all other symbols on the reels except for the scatter to complete winning combinations on the payline.

The immortal and ethereal enchantress, the Lady of the Lake, arises from the gloomy depths of her limnal abode, clutching the sword Excalibur, and acts as game’s formidable Scatter symbol, which pays any across the reels, with all Scatter wins being multiplied by the original bet and added to the payline. Whenever the Lady graces reels 3, 4, or 5 on the slots, she triggers the Free Spins feature, whereby the player is awarded 12 free spins and a multiplier figure of 7x on all payline wins garnered during the Free Spins feature.  This feature, in turn, magically summons into being a second Treasure Chest scatter symbol, which delivers an additional means for enchanted Scatter wins opportunities.

Overview Of Avalon II

Furthermore, players will be captivated by the sorcery of the optional Gamble feature, whereby correctly selecting and betting on a card colour or suit may double or quadruple the player’s bet respectively. Explore the rich, complex and romantic mythology of ancient Celtic lore on Avalon II Video Slot. Be enthralled by tales of mystical faerie islands, immortal Naiad queens and proud, heroic kings who charged into battle by the haunting lulls of elfin nocturnes and the protection of ancient wizardry.

As the mists descent upon the hills and lakes of Avalon Isle, dive into its haunted lakes and explore the depths of their chilling mystery –perhaps you too can retrieve its spell-cast treasures awaiting your discovery in their murky, enchanted depths.

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