Online Sic Bo In The United Kingdom

Sic Bo is one of the oldest casino games, originally created in China. The bets are based on the results of the roll three dice and it very dominant in Macau. However, although popular in Macau, United Kingdom citizens also enjoy this game.

Online Sic Bo is derived from the ancient game of Sic Bo which means “dice pair” is a historic Chinese game. This game is not as popular as casino favourites such as Blackjack and Roulette. Online Sic Bo can be played in most online casinos, where it is better for players to play the game as the Online Sic Bo rules are slightly complicated.

The aim of Sic Bo is basic however, the different betting options make the game difficult. This game is similar to craps with the only difference being that craps uses two dice whereas three dice are used when playing Sic Bo. Read on to reveal how Sic Bo is played and learn more about the various betting options.

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How To Play Online Sic Bo At The Best United Kingdom Casinos

As mentioned before, the rules of Online Sic Bo are simple, what complicates the game however, are the various wager options. The wagers in this game represent the expected outcomes after the three dice have been rolled. Players need to choose which bets they want to make before the dice is rolled and place their chips on the relevant place on the betting layout.

The dealer will roll the dice once the bets have been made. If the player has won, payouts will be made according to the bets made, if the player has lost, the bets will be taken by the house, in this case the online casino. After this, a new round of play will begin, that’s all there is to it!

The difficult part is mastering the different betting options.

Online Sic Bo Betting Options

When playing Sic Bo online, it is important for players to note that not all betting options will be available at their chosen online casino. The betting choices below are however, the standard betting options found in the Sic Bo game.

  • Big and Small: Sic Bo is also known as “Big and Small”, this is the most common betting option. The two wagers have a 48.6% probability of wining with a 1: 1 payout. When a player bets big, it means the player is betting on the total score of the dice being between 11 and 17, this includes any number that falls in between.

When a player bets small, they predict a total score of the dice being between 4 and 10, this again includes any number that falls in between. Players loose if another total is made or if all the three dice are the same number.

  • Odd or Even: This is also a very basic betting option. Players can bet on whether the total score rolled on the dice is an even or odd number. If a player bets on odds and the total score of dice rolled is an odd number, the player wins. The same applies for an even bet however, the player lose if all three dice land on the same number. These bets have a winning probability of 48.6% with a 1:1 pay-out.
  • Three of a kind/Triples/Alls: This is one of the most dangerous betting options! A player predicts that all three dices will end on a specific number between one and five. The probability of winning on this wager are very slim with a percentage of 0,46% and a payout of 150:1. Although this is a risky wagering option, players can win big on this option.

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Players can also bet on all three dice landing on the same number, the probability for this wager is 2.8% with a payout of 30:1.

  • Two of a Kind/ Doubles: With this bet, players choose a specific number between one and 6; they predict that two out of the three dice will roll on the number. The probability for this wager is 7.41% with the payout of 10:1.
  • Three Dice Total: This is when a player bets on a what he thinks the total value of the three dice will be. The probability and payouts for this wager option vary depending on the number the player has chosen.
  • Two Dice Combinations: This is when a player chooses a combination of two specific numbers. If both the numbers appear after the roll, the player then wins. The probability for this wager option is 13.9% with a payout of 6:1
  • Four Number Combinations: This is when a player predicts four numbers that will be found in the nest roll. Three of those predicted numbers have to appear in the roll for the player to win. The probability for this wager option 11.1.
  • Three Single Number Combination: This is when a player wagers on a specific combination of numbers that will appear in the roll. The probability of this wager is 2.8% with a 30: 1 payout.
  • Single Dice Bet: This is when a player selects a specific number between one and six. You will win if the number shows up on the roll. The pay-out depends on how many times the number appears on the next roll.

Online Sic Bo Odds

Sic Bo is mostly based on luck, so there isn’t much you can do to get the Sic Bo odds in your favour. The only strategy can apply is choosing a more probably bet to make. Sic Bo is available at many online casino’s, players need to choose which casino suits them best and let the Sic Bo roll.