Roulette Basics – Wheel, Table and Croupier

The view from the bottom of a Roulette table can be quite daunting if you don’t know what each segment of the game presents. Learn Roulette basics – Discover the roles of the Wheel, Table and Croupier to start your winning journey now at Casino UK! As a beginner, you see a spinning roulette wheel, a table with shapes and numbers and a well-dressed gent in the back. They all look all too familiar as you have seen them in flicks before but ‘familiar’ is just not enough to play the game. This is where I step in to give you a quick and definitive rundown of what they all mean.

Whether you want to play free Roulette or play for real money, Roulette is a great game to do just that.

Roulette basics: The Online Roulette Wheel

The Roulette wheel itself consists of evenly spaced grooves or ‘pockets’ around the wheel, each represented by a number and a colour. The numbers from 1-36 are represented on the wheel out of order, and they alternate black and red. There are also two ‘house’ numbers, the zero and the double-zero, both in green. (If you’re looking at a French wheel, there will only be one green zero.) The roulette ball is small, plastic and white, fitting perfectly into just one pocket for every spin. The dealer at the Roulette table is referred to as the croupier, their French title.

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Roulette basics: How To Play Roulette Online: The Table

In order to play Roulette Online, the table can be single or double-sided. A double-sided table simply has the same pattern printed twice, to accommodate a larger crowd. The pattern on the Roulette table may seem confusing at first, but it’s really quite simple once you understand the basics of betting.

When you arrive at the Roulette table, you will trade your regular casino chips for special roulette table chips. These chips are not marked with a value, so you’ll have to decide what value you want to place upon them. Once this is noted by the croupier, you’ll get your chips, which will be a unique colour that no other player at the table will have. This practice is to ensure that dodgy players don’t try to claim ownership of their neighbour’s winning bets.


Take a look at the table limits for the table you’re playing at. These should be displayed clearly on or near the table. The table limits clearly state the minimum and maximum sizes of bets allowed, as well as the maximum payout allowed on a single bet. Different tables will have different limits, so find one you’re comfortable with and that suits your bankroll.

When you’re ready to place a bet, you’ll have a choice of what kind of bet to make. Inside Bets are quite literally inside the long rectangle containing individual numbers. Here you can bet on individual numbers like 17, which is the most popular number bet upon in Roulette – why? Because that’s the number James Bond always bets on in the 007 movies.

If you want to bet on larger groups of numbers – for example, if you wanted to bet not on a particular number but just on the ball landing on red or black – you’ll be placing what are known as Outside Bets. Outside Bets have a lower payout rate because you’re more likely to win when you bet on a broader range of outcomes, like betting on an Odd or Even number as opposed to betting on a specific number.

Roulette basics: Placing A Bet on Online Roulette

Once you’ve decided on the bet you want to place and how much you want to bet, place your chips neatly in the assigned square on the table. If you’re unable to reach the betting area you want to wager on, ask the croupier to place your bet for you. Remember to be respectful of other players at the table – hand your chips over carefully instead of tossing them around the table, which may displace other’s bets. Remember, Online Roulette is a game with a classy history steeped in aristocrats and high-rollers – so carry on the legacy of glamour by following the proper etiquette!

Roulette basics: The Croupier at Online Roulette Tables

The croupier’s job is not only to collect and pay out bets, but to actually set the ball spinning in the Roulette wheel. You might think that they would be able to affect the outcome of the spins since they’re physically handling the ball, but this is almost impossible with modern wheels, which spin so fast that the outcome can be nothing but random. The wheel spins clockwise and the ball is released anticlockwise, so that its momentum and the momentum of the wheel are against each other. Once the ball descends into the wheel, the croupier will call “No more bets,” which (quite predictably) indicates that the betting portion of that spin is over. Remember that the croupier’s job is to oversee betting as well as call out the winning number, so trying to sneak your bet in at the last syllable of the no more bets call will likely disadvantage you rather than the casino, as you risk the croupier missing or not acknowledging your bet, which may be a winning one.

roulette-croupierIf you lose your bet, the croupier will collect your chips from the table, clearing the felt for the next round of betting. If you win, the croupier will put your winning chips back on top of your original bet, assuming that you want to ‘let it ride’. Letting it ride is basically placing your winnings on the same bet, for the next spin. Of course, if you’d like to collect your winnings or place the chips on different bets, this will be up to you to do before the next round of betting is concluded. If your winnings are still lying on the table when the croupier has called ‘no more bets’ for the next round, that means you’re letting it ride and hoping you’ll be lucky two rounds in a row.

Now that you have a basic idea of what the game entails, it’s time to look at the various Roulette Bets that you can make and what they mean.