The Premier Roulette Player Review

Roulette is the game for kings and queens and Premier Roulette takes your gaming experience to new heights with greater flexibility in how you play and win. Welcome to the stunning world of being both player and designer – it’s like having your own personal casino lounge designed to your exact tastes, and then playing to win every time you’re there. This game is packed with all the gaming thrills of a single-Zero wheel in the Monte Carlo tradition. The gorgeous graphics and phenomenal gaming effects are enough to have players captivated and leave them beaming with excitement. It is one thing to enjoy a well-designed game but it’s even better when you’re able to control the design of that game. Read on to discover how you can shape your roulette wheel to your liking.

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What is Premier Roulette?

Premier Roulette is a bespoke Roulette experience tailored exclusively to your tastes and whims. The game features 3D gaming with lifelike qualities, amazing sound effects and effortless gameplay – so get ready for a top-notch Roulette experience. The title lives up to its name and the technology surpasses expectation, providing a variety of gambling options to maximise the entertainment, plus the customisable table layout and colour scheme.

Players begin playing by choosing the amount of real money they would like to wager, and what type of bet they would like to make before clicking ‘Spin’. Once the ball is dropped and lands in a pocket, players will be paid out accordingly – this part is all about luck. This game features well-equipped buttons that keep the game relatively simple. Players can place an “Inside Out”, “Outside In”, “Split Bet”, “Call Bet” or any other type of real money bet that they want on the 3D-formatted wheel. Bets also include “Neighbour Bets” which are placed on the neighbouring numbers of a “Straight up Bet” – these are allocated as the numbers appear on the wheel, not on the table. “Call Bets” are groups of number sets on the wheel with special names and differing odds. In Premier Roulette players can choose one of these Call Bets from a list on the left of the screen. For example there is the zero game or zero spiel, which consists of the numbers located closest to zero (12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15).

The Premier Roulette Features

Premier Roulette includes a number of unique features such as the Video Zoom-In function, which zooms into the winning number when the wheel stops spinning. The “Win Details” feature applies mostly to players who wager a larger amount of different real money bets. The feature displays the details of all bets that have been won, the amount staked and the payout ratio.

In addition, players can also choose from different speeds at which they want to play the game. Seasoned players can choose “Expert Mode” where they benefit from the customisable bet layout which also means that they can apply the bets for a single game or during Auto Play. Go from quick to turbo with a single click – now that’s cool. All that’s left is for you is to sit back and watch the ball spin around the wheel and hopefully land on one of your bet selections. For less experienced players, a normal speed game is the best choice.

Some Premier Roulette payouts include:

  • 35 to 1 for a win on a Straight Up Bet on a single number
  • 17 to 1 on a Split Bet
  • 2 to 1 on a Column Bet

Premier Roulette offers an interface that displays player’s statistics and history of the Spins. This means that experienced players can plan and strategise their gameplay. From a design point of view, the game offers something extra – Change Table customisation option. Premier Roulette puts power in the players’ hand; you decide the layout of the board, the style and angle of the wheel, as well as your preferred betting methods. Powered by Microgaming™ software, Premier Roulette caters for every type of player and brings welcome enhancements to the timeless game of Roulette. It gets a rating of 4.5 out of 5, a score which is well-earned.