Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack Review

Another Blackjack variant! Microgaming™ certainly went all out when putting together its Blackjack portfolio and fans are sure to find winning entertainment when they crack on with this particular game. Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack takes the Table Game to a whole new level of fun because you can play several hands at the same time – exciting stuff!

Features of Multi Hand Blackjack

Like all of Microgaming™’s Table Games, Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack is a slick and well-designed game that is attractive to look at, which makes playing it a pleasure. The latest gaming software technology and crisp graphics mean that gameplay is smooth yet fast – no frustrating wait times! I really like that the game rules are always available to the player so novices won’t feel intimidated giving Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack a shot, even if they are completely new to it. It’s a solid addition to Microgaming™’s series of multi-hand Blackjack games.

How to play multi hand blackjack

Most of you will already know this, but just in case there are any complete newbies reading – let’s do a quick run through of the general game of Blackjack. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer. This is done by achieving a hand with a total card value as close to, but not exceeding, 21. A hand that exceeds 21 has gone “bust” and you lose. But if the dealer goes bust then you win! Blackjack is a hand that consists of an Ace and a card with the numerical value of 10 – a 10 card or a Face card (i.e. King, Queen or Jack). This is the strongest hand – it can only be matched, not beaten.

Decks of cards

Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack is played with 8 standard decks of 52 playing cards that are shuffled before each game and you can play up to five hands at a time, which adds to the thrill and your chance of winning. Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack is an American Hole Card game. This means that the dealer is dealt two cards, one facing upwards and one placed face down. The face down card is the one called the Hole Card. If the other card is an Ace or a 10 card, the dealer can look at the Hole Card to see what it is. The dealer will always stand when his hand is 17 or greater.

This particular game has some great rules that work in the player’s favour. For example, players are permitted to double down and Split under certain circumstances. You can double down (this means doubling the original wager after receiving the first two cards) on any two cards and you can double down after a split. In Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack you are able to split up to three times to make four new hands and if you are lucky enough to be dealt two Aces you can split them – but only once! A Split Ace will only be dealt one more card and it is important to note that a 10 card and an Ace counts as 21 and not Blackjack.

Two other great features that are of benefit to the player is the offer of insurance and late surrender. Although you are always advised not to take insurance, it pays out at odds of 2:1. Late surrender works like this: the dealer checks the cards he has been dealt and if his hand is not Blackjack he will allow you to surrender your hand, which is essentially folding.

Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack offers a wide range of betting options – you can choose from as little as 1.00 up to 200.00 a hand on your initial wager. This is great because bold and cautious players alike can pick a betting option to match their bank balance as well as their style of play.

casino-rating-3This is a simple yet exciting game to play. Good for beginners and the more advanced player, but did not blow me away. It gets a solid 3 out of 5.

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