Playing Classic Blackjack – Review

It’s the quintessential casino game – Classic Blackjack is a game that’s kept players entertained for years. The game features all the luxury and opulence of Blackjack combined with the convenience and modernity of a virtual casino game.

Top Casinos that offer Classic Blackjack

What is Classic Blackjack?

Classic Blackjack is a single-hand game that’s played with one deck – the lower the number of decks offered, the lower the House Edge – the bigger the winning chances given to the player. The goal of the game is the same – beat the Dealer and land a hand with 21 or less.

With randomly shuffled cards at the end of each hand – the game is played on a Blackjack layout with five betting spaces. Players can only make bets in the square situated in the middle of the table which only allows one bet to be made – one hand can be played at a time. The game features a Chip Rack, Discard Tray, a Shoe and a set of rules that are easily accessed with a click of an icon that appears on the virtual table.

Classic Blackjack Rules

Classic Blackjack comes with a number of standard Blackjack rules, with only a couple of exceptions for example, there are no re-splits allowed. The Dealer is required to stand on all 17’s and hit 16; a player can Double Down on 9, 10 or 11. However, players can’t do Soft Doubling which also means that players can’t Double on a 2-card hand that has an Ace. A 2 to 10-value card that’s not a pair can’t be Split and the same rule applies to 2 cards that have the same point value as a Queen and a King. With this game, there is no “peeking” done by the Dealer which means that the Dealer will not check for Blackjack under the hole card.

Classic Blackjack Payouts

Classic Blackjack offers a 3 to 2 payout when the player holds a Blackjack hand thus giving players an upper hand over the House – talk about excitement. The game is made for Blackjack players who simply live for the game, with tricks and added rules – winning comes with its own special dose of fun. Classic Blackjack is available in a single-hand version (Gold and Standard) and multi-hand version. There’s an Expert Mode which gives players the option of playing in the manual AutoPlay mode. With Expert Mode the power lies with the selected gameplay, the bets are made on behalf of the player thanks to the use of standard Blackjack strategy.

Microgaming TM offers 4 speed modes that range from Slow, Medium, Fast and for the experienced player, Fastest is aimed at those who are sharp and quick. The game caters for both beginners and experienced players.

Classic Blackjack players are in charge of their own casino experience. Players can change backgrounds and audio and thanks to a simplistic layout, the cool interface is very user-friendly. Classic Blackjack is a timeless, exciting and all round entertaining casino game.  This game is ideal for players who want to be mentally stimulated and challenged.