Playing Online Baccarat: Not as complicated as you think

BaccaratAs is the case with most casino card games, grasping the basic principles of the game of Online Baccarat can be achieved in a relatively short period of time; the player will just have to take the initiative and practice often if they would like these principles to be crystallized in their minds. The game triggers intense feelings of suspense and excitement, and if a gambler is willing to take the time and learn the game – it might very well be one of the most enjoyable games that they ever play.

 Online Baccarat Basics

In a game of Baccarat, a player places a bet on which hand they hope will get a value closest (or equivalent) to 9. There are 3 hands on which these bets can be placed: The Banker’s hand, The Player’s hand or a ‘tie’ between the aforementioned two hands. It is also important to be aware that where the game is played is an important consideration, when the game is played at land – based casinos, the player will have to observe a protocol/ an etiquette whilst their playing which is non—existent when Baccarat is played online. Such protocols include;

  • The need to avoid trying to join a table in the midst of a game or touching your chips after a bet is placed
  • Betting on the same side as the entire table when they bet either on the player or banker because it is considered good etiquette
  • Acknowledging the presence of other players before the start of a game

A great virtue of playing Baccarat at an online or mobile casino is that the player can focus simply on the game, on placing their bet, observing the outcome and responding accordingly, without the added burden of having to take more aspects of the game into consideration.

Online Baccarat Rules

  • Cards must be counted from face value. In Baccarat, 10, K, Q and J are worth zero, whilst an Ace is valued at 1. In Blackjack, the value of all cards results in the accumulation of points and thus it is not possible to ‘bust’.
  • Points can be calculated by adding the card totals and dropping the 10 value.
  • In Online Baccarat a bet that is placed on a banker’s hand and wins results in an even money payout on the initial bet minus a 5% commission which is deducted and goes to the house.
  • A winning bet that was placed on the player’s hand will lead to an even money payout on the initial bet placed and in this instance, there will be no commission deducted
  • Winning on a tie bet pays between 8-1 or 9-1

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How to play Baccarat (Online)

The steps involved in playing Baccarat online are simple;

  • A bet must be placed on a player’s, or bankers hand or a tie. A choice must then be made as to the amount of money which is to be wagered on a particular bet.
  • The digital dealer will deal two cards (and perhaps a third if the situation warrants it). The reader is advised that when played on mobile, the player does not need to worry much about the implications of the 3rd card being drawn as this will happen automatically. A player must also note that the tendency in online Baccarat is for the cards to be drawn with such speed that it seems like three cards were issued instantaneously.
  • The outcome of the bet must be evaluated; a player must look at the screen and ascertain whether their bet was successful and has led to a win or not.