Baccarat Terminology

Baccarat Terminology – To some, Baccarat may seem like an easy game with no real complications, but there are some, especially for beginners, they see baccarat as a confusing game, with a bunch of strange terminology and words.

an image of the baccarat board

Here at Casino UK, you will be informed of every word in the baccarat dictionary and will know exactly how everything works. Let’s begin with what the words Baccarat means…

This is considered the worst hand in Baccarat. Translated, Baccarat means zero (0) which is a negative solution.

Also known as the Banker.

Banker/Player Bet
This is betting on the dealer or the player and consists of three different bets. This however does not include the Tie Bet.

This is the total amount of money you can gamble with at the table.

Burning is when you decide to discard the top 3-6 cards. This can only be done after shuffling and before the start of a game.

This is basically the croupier that is at the baccarat table who is in charge of the cards.

The French word used to request a card from the dealer.

Chemin De Fer
This is a European Baccarat variation which is rarely seen, however it is where one player is the bank, deals the cards and takes the bets.

French for a round of Baccarat.

Casino workers who deal out the cards and who oversee the betting.

Face Cards
The Jack, Queen and King of any suit.

Placing bets

House Edge
The casino’s natural advantage over the player.

The casino employee who supervises the Baccarat table.

La Grande
A natural totaling nine which is the best hand in Baccarat. (The big one, French)

La Petite
A natural totaling eight (The little one, French)

Loss Bet
A bet against the bank.

Mini Baccarat
A smaller version of table Baccarat which was used to popularize the game and introduce it to mass casino culture.

Slang for face card or a ten.

Eight card decks of 52 cards each, used at the start of the shuffling process.

When the two cards total eight or nine.

A long flat wooden stick that the croupiers use to move cards on the Baccarat table.

A win.

A player.

A Push bet is neither a winning nor loosing bet and the money bet is held until the next round.

This is a sly person that works for the casino that has to try and lure people to come and play the game at the Baccarat table.

An automatic dealing machine that counters any accidents in the dealing process.

The bank.

Shuffle Up
Early shuffling of the cards by the dealer.

When the player and the bank are joined in a tie.

The face up card.