New UK Gambling Laws Have Some Benefits for Players

For gamblers in the United Kingdom who enjoy playing online, new laws have just been implemented that should make the online gambling experience more enjoyable one.

The British government has introduced legislation that will give the Gambling Commission increased regulatory authority and oversight. Specifically, it will be responsible for ensuring that online casinos that want to fully operate under the law are providing fair games to their players and that they are fully licensed under the new laws.

Online Gambling

Perhaps the most significant requirement of the new licensing and regulatory laws is the mandatory testing and approval of the games offered by online casinos. Third-party auditors will be responsible for ensuring that online games are in fact offering the odds they claim to offer. In other words, playing at an online craps or roulette table that is fully licensed under the new laws will have the same odds as a craps or roulette table in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Early on during the debate over whether to institute these new regulations, there were some parties who were concerned about the potential loss of online gaming companies that were not willing to comply with the new regulations, however there are already more than 150 online betting and gambling organizations that have begun the process of applying for the new license.

While there are some operators that have decided not to pursue the license (and therefore will no longer be legally allowed to offer online gaming in the U.K.), this is perceived to be in the best for British gamblers.

Aside from helping British gamers get the fair gambling experience, the new laws set out by the UK Gambling Commission will further increase the legitimacy of the industry throughout the U.K.