How to Figure out Which are the Highest Paying Online Casinos

Discovering your highest paying online casinos can be a really golden moment for any gambler. We at Casino UK wish to inform all players as to which casinos they can expect to see the best results from. Furthermore, we shall shed a little light as to where and how these figures are calculated, giving you peace of mind in the stats provided. There is an establishment known as eCOGRA within the gambling world who basically are the governing body of fair gaming. eCOGRA will run a routine check establishing online casino’s monthly payout percentiles. At times, you will also be able to see these published at the footer of some online casino websites. For now however, sit back and take a look at the top five highest paying online casinos.

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5th Best Paying Casino: Lucky247

Lucky247 offer players an incredible 96.50% payout. On top of this, you will be treated to a £500 welcome bonus along with fifty spins. You can take your pick of over six hundred games which they have in their catalogue so do not hesitate to get playing today.

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777 Casino Payback Percentages

Coming in at number four we have the old school Vegas themed 777 Casino. With over two hundred games to get your hands on and a 97% payout rate, you can rest assured that you will have nothing but fun at this online casino.

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Thrills Casino Payout Rate

Beginning the top three decent to number one we have none other than Thrills Casino. This extravagant wonder brings you an incredible 97.19% payout rate as well as a two hundred quid welcome bonus equipped with fifty free spins!

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Kaboo Casino’s Return To Player Percentage

The air of mystery and magic settles in a thick cloud around our second highest paying casino. Kaboo ups the element of allure by offering players a 97.30% payout rate. When joining the Boolean Brotherhood, you get to look forward to a £200 Welcome Bonus along with one hundred spins to kick start your adventure.

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One of the Top Payout Online Casinos: SuperLenny

SuperLenny could not get more super even if they tried. Gracefully grabbing the number one spot at Casino UK with a 97.60% payout rate, this incredible online casino offers players a £150 Welcome Bonus along with 150 free spins to top that off! We tip our hats to you, Lenny.


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The Benefits of Playing at Highest Paying Online Casinos

The RTP – Return to Player percentage – which an online casino holds is a definite benefit to all online gamblers. The higher it is, the more likely you are to see some winnings coming your way. As you can imagine, this is a huge benefit on its own. Knowing this percentile can help you tactfully plan your place of play as you know where the odds are more likely to fall in your favour. With that being said however, all gamblers need to keep in mind that no matter where you wager, there is no guarantee set for anyone to win big. With all being said, we at Casino UK recommend you try your luck and find the casino which works best for you. So give them a spin today and discover the online casino custom built for your needs.