Wild Heart Slot Review

Step onto a moonlit street, where the mysterious figure of a masked raccoon awaits to lead you through an adventure of spins and wins in the Wild Heart slot, crafted by the innovative minds at BGaming. Embodied with the spirit of Zorro, the rakish raccoon hero brandishes a cutlass not in a quest for justice, but for the kind of legendary rewards that can only be found across these vigilant reels.

BGaming, a renowned developer known for pushing the boundaries of digital entertainment, brings their A-game with Wild Heart. They have easily cemented their position in the market with an impressive portfolio of imaginative slots that combine sleek design with intuitive mechanics, like the extraterrestrial delicacies of “Alien Fruits” or the boisterous crew in “Lucky Crew.” Wild Heart is bound to join the ranks of these notable titles, introducing players to a Zorro-inspired fantasy that stands out with its Spanish flair and charismatic protagonist.

The dexterous raccoon dons the cape and mask, not in Old California, but in a small Mexican town that serves as a picturesque backdrop for this 5-reel, 4-row, and 20-payline slot. As players embark on the journey, they’re embraced by an ambiance filled with flickering candles and the strumming of a distant guitar, while the reels spin with symbols reminiscent of a fiesta that never ends.

Gamers will find Wild Heart’s gameplay as alluring as its audiovisual presentation. With a competitive RTP of 96.92% paired with mid-high volatility, the slot promises a balance between frequented smaller wins and the tantalizing prospects of significant payouts. Add to that a hit frequency of 12.82%, and you have a game that ensures a dynamic reel experience. From the humble minimum bet of 0.2 to a daring max bet of 80, both casual players and high rollers have the flexibility to tailor their wagering strategies to their comfort.

Underpinning the mechanics of Wild Heart is a user interface that’s both intuitive and reflective of the theme. Players can seamlessly transition from desktop to mobile devices, ensuring the Zorro legacy is always at their fingertips. The game shines through its well-crafted features – from the Wild Frames that encapsulate winning potential to the Sticky Wilds and Extra Multipliers in the Free Spins – all working in harmony to create an experience that’s as unpredictable as it is enjoyable.

Game Information

TitleWild Heart
Release Date25/01/2024
Star Rating3/5


Wild Heart is more than a mere slot game; it’s an escapade into the essence of a legendary figure with a modern twist. The adventure unfolds through features that are not only rewarding but engaging, offering players myriad ways to lock talons with fortune.

Wild Symbol

At the core of the slot’s narrative is the Wild Symbol – a vibrant red heart – embodying the spirit of our hero. This versatile symbol not only substitutes for other symbols to forge wins but paying out up to 20X your bet when landing multiple wilds. When it comes to transforming the fate of your spins, the Wild Symbol’s centrality cannot be overstated.

Wild Frames

Every heartbeat brings you closer to glory; the Wild Frame feature is testament to this rhythmic dance of chance. With each spin, heart symbols harbingers of potential, etch golden frames upon their landing spots. On the tenth spin, these gilded perimeters reveal their true power, transforming into Wild Symbols to craft wins as striking as Zorro’s own signature.

Extra Multiplier

The thrill of Wild Heart is amplified by an Extra Multiplier that can send your winnings into overdrive. When heart symbols grace already framed positions, the multiplier climbs higher, fueling your quest for opulence with a fervency that’s rarely matched by more pedestrian slots.

Free Spins

Evoke the black stallion scatters to gallop into a realm of 10 Free Spins, where Wild Symbols transform into immutable bastions of fortune. The sticky wilds cling to the reels, carrying over the multiplier from the base game, setting the stage for an explosive finale to your bonus bouquet of spins.

Feature Buy

For the impetuous among us, the option to buy into the Free Spins is a welcomed convenience. Depending on your wager, embrace 50X, 120X, or a bold 400X bet for an immediate foray into Free Spins festooned with standard or oversized Wild Symbols, each accompanied by slightly tweaked RTPs for a bespoke betting experience.

Review Summary

Wild Heart by BGaming is a homage to the enduring charm of Zorro, amalgamated with the whimsy of a raccoon protagonist. The game doesn’t just rest on the laurels of its theme; it offers a robust gameplay loop accentuated by its feature set. Wild Frames and Extra Multipliers inject a welcome dose of unpredictability, while Free Spins capture the player’s imagination with sticky wilds.

This slotscape, bewitching in its Spanish ambiance, may only boast a 3-star rating, but its draw is found within the pursuit of action-packed spins. Wild Heart excels in delivering a paced experience that constantly teeters on the cusp of a significant windfall. While the game tantalizes with its gameplay mechanics, it does leave a bit to be desired regarding the max win potential and lacks a certain depth that might be fulfilled by additional bonus rounds or re-triggerable features.

Traverse the reels where the raccoon-Zorro awaits, ready to embolden your play with features like Wild Frames and Free Spins, wrapped up in a game that exudes as much charisma as the caped crusader it celebrates.

  • Impressive 96.92% RTP augurs well for long-term play.
  • Feature Buy option offers instant access to engaging Free Spins round.
  • Unique Wild Frame feature brings a refreshing twist to the base game.
  • Playable across all devices, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  • Max win of 2820x the bet could be higher to entice players seeking colossal payouts.
  • Free Spins feature lacks retrigger capability, curtailing prolonged excitement.
  • No progressive jackpot or re-triggerable bonus rounds limits ultimate win potential.
0.0 Overall Rating
Wild Heart Slot Review