Tiki Tiki Boom Slot Review

It’s time to delve into the sunny realms of a paradise beach where vibrant totems and exploding wilds reign supreme. Presented by Northern Lights Gaming, the Tiki Tiki Boom slot is set to send you on a Polynesian escapade, riddled with interesting mechanics and a visual flair that captivates. In the modern era of slot gaming, Northern Lights Gaming has been making waves with their unique thematic choices and engaging gameplay. With the launch of Tiki Tiki Boom, they seem to be feeding off the appetite for exotic-themed slots, reinventing the typical formula with an array of colorful characters and features.

Northern Lights Gaming, though not the titanic name in the industry, has consistently been plugging away to produce quality games that hit the mark with slot aficionados. Their market position is one of a gritty challenger brand, offering a select portfolio of slot games that shout originality and quality over quantity. From the historical intrigues of Guardians of the Pyramids to the time-bending spins of Timelines, Northern Lights Gaming’s offerings span epochal themes and futuristic quests alike, each with its unique twist.

Tiki Tiki Boom is no different. Positioned on a tranquil beach setting with an aesthetic that channels laid-back island vibes coupled with the threat of explosive wins, it harbors a visual style that’s as welcoming as it is lively. What sets it apart is not just its pictorial beach and the emblematic Tiki figures but also its nod to Māori mythology that enriches the gaming experience.

In terms of gameplay, Tiki Tiki Boom doesn’t just lay back in the sun—it’s a hive of activity. The structure comprises a solid 5×3 reel-set with 20 paylines that promise decent dynamics and an inviting chance for rewards. Diving into the gameplay, players can expect a medium volatility ride through the sandy shores, accompanied by a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.09%. With bets ranging from a minimum of 0.2 to a maximum bet of 20, it presents an accessible beachfront for both low-stakes players and high rollers alike.

Let’s not forget the user interface, which as expected from Northern Lights Gaming, keeps things intuitive and straightforward, ensuring that the player’s experience is hassle-free and enjoyable, whether you’re a rookie to the slots or a seasoned spinner.

Game Information

TitleTiki Tiki Boom
DeveloperNorthern Lights Gaming
Release Date31/08/2023
Star Rating3/5


The beating heart of Tiki Tiki Boom lies in its feature set—each element designed to enhance the reel-spinning adventure. First among equals, the Wild Symbol, a staple yet crucial part of the base game, stands in for every regular-paying symbol to form winning combinations, all except the elusive Scatter Symbol. Now, the real game-changer is the Wild Boom Feature, where mini-barrel tokens landing on symbols in the base game are hoarded into a wild barrel, which, when it explodes, can turn up to 15 symbols into Wilds, setting the stage for potentially massive payouts.

The Feature Upgrade shines its light on frequent players, rewarding consistent spinning with an upgrade meter that, when filled by landing Scatter Symbols, enhances the sought-after Tiki Tiki Spins by expanding additional rows.

And oh, the Tiki Tiki Spins—this is where the slot unveils its Polynesian magic with a respins bonus game that enlarges the grid and introduces extra rows locked behind intriguing Tiki chains. Unlocking these rows requires collecting Key Symbols, each promising to lead the player a step closer to the game’s maximum potential.

Silver and gold Coin Symbols become central characters in the Tiki Tiki feature, each with implied values that can inflate your coin stash. The appearance of Adders and Persistent Adders sprinkles multipliers across these coins, augmenting their value with a tantalizing promise of escalated winnings. Conversely, the Splitters act like island alchemists, multiplying the coins themselves, and the No 1X Coin feature ensures that only the more valuable coins grace your presence.

The Tiki Bomb explodes onto the screen, tearing the locks asunder and lavishing the reels with random coin blessings, while the Doubler lives up to its name by boosting coin values further. Should you fill the entire grid, a bonus of 2,500 times your stake awaits like a buried treasure coaxing you towards it.

Finally, the Upsizer and Bonus Buy With Gamble features ensure players can have a hand in nudging luck in their favor. The Upsizer allows the investment in game features to elevate the spins, and for those looking for swift action, the Bonus Buy provides direct access to the Tiki Tiki Spins, complete with an optional gambling layer that could either fast-track success or prompt a swift return to base gameplay.

Review Summary

Cascading through the full-bodied features and dynamic gameplay of Tiki Tiki Boom, it’s evident that Northern Lights Gaming is not only cultivating an exotic crop but also nurturing a growing community of players with its distinctive take on the slot experience. The Wild Boom and Tiki Tiki Spins stand as the crowning achievements of this slot, offering layers of excitement, unpredictability, and that buzz of potential triumph which lures players back time and again.

Visually, the game is both a spectacle and a solace, with vibrant colors and engaging animations fostering an environment where even the iciest gamer couldn’t resist basking under its sun. The RTP sits at the industry standard, but the potential for a max win of 11,000 times the bet certainly places Tiki Tiki Boom above the average in the realm of medium volatility slots.

Northern Lights Gaming, while offering a relatively smaller portfolio when compared to the software giants of the industry, consistently punches above its weight, delivering quality slots that resonate with players’ desires for variety and vibrancy.

Tiki Tiki Boom is an eruption of fun on the island shores, complete with a full-packed respins feature and a synergy of components that aim to make each spin more than just a fleeting wager. It’s an invitation to a slot escapade that bridges the gap between the simplicity of relaxing gameplay and the exhilaration of unexpected victories. In the crowded casino market, Tiki Tiki Boom makes a statement with its thematic fidelity and a creative bonus structure that announces the developer’s intention to be a name associated with originality and fun.

  • Multiple innovative bonus features keep gameplay engaging.
  • Rich visual and thematic presentation that immerses the player.
  • High max win potential with 11,000 times the bet.
  • Accessible to a wide range of players with a broad betting spectrum.
  • Having medium volatility may dissuade players seeking higher risk-reward dynamics.
  • May be complex for new players due to the multitude of special symbols and features.
0.0 Overall Rating
Tiki Tiki Boom Slot Review