Terracotta Army Slot Review

In the realm of online slots, a new enticing offer has emerged from Blue Guru Games, taking us on a historical journey back to ancient China with its Terracotta Army slot. Known for their innovative approach to slots that intertwine storytelling with engaging gameplay, Blue Guru Games has positioned itself as a developer that doesn’t shy away from complex themes and this time, they’ve dug deep into history to resurrect the legendary terracotta warriors of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

Graphically, the game captures the essence of antiquity with a visual style that harkens back to the sepia tones and earthen textures of the terracotta sculptures themselves. The beautiful backdrop of the game is set in what appears to be a dimly-lit underground tomb, with the reels encased in huge stone blocks, accented by occasional flecks of gold that catch the eye and add a touch of imperial grandeur. This creates a visual narrative that aligns perfectly with the game’s historic theme, bringing forgotten statues back to life with each spin.

Fans of Blue Guru Games will recognize their hand in integrating complex aesthetics with the excitement of chance. Previous titles by the developer have displayed a penchant for unique themes and vivid graphics, and Terracotta Army is no exception, following in the footsteps of other visually captivating slots. The game’s structure comprises of a standard 5×3 grid at the outset, but with the inclusion of Mystery Symbols that can expand the grid, the dynamics of the game transform, creating up to 39,375 ways to win.

Adding to the player engagement are the game’s high volatility and an RTP of 96%, paired with a range of betting options (min bet 0.2 and max bet 100) that cater to both cautious players and high rollers. The UI is user-friendly, ensuring that players are immersed in the experience whether they are beginners or seasoned veterans in the world of online slots.

Combined with a captivating theme and solid gameplay mechanics, Terracotta Army offers a genuinely immersive foray into a slot experience that is both rewarding and steeped in history.

Game Information

TitleTerracotta Army
DeveloperBlue Guru Games
Release Date26/09/2023
Star Rating4/5


The spotlight, of course, is on the game’s features that draw inspiration from the eponymous army, coated in mystery and imbued with the spirit of imperial guardians. The slot is a treasure trove of interesting bonuses and symbols, with the potential of monumental wins echoing the grandeur of the Qin dynasty.

Key among these features is the Mystery Symbol, a representation of the fog of history that reveals the hidden treasures on reels 2, 3, and 4. Spinning these symbols involves a touch of suspense, as they expand and transform, blooming into double symbols with multipliers between 2X and 5X—all while unfurling the reels into a battleground of possibilities. It’s a celebration of the unknown, an ode to the chance discovery of the soldiers in 1974 that recasts small wins into potentially massive victories.

With the Palace of Mercury feature, the reel resonates with an echo of exclusivity, where the chances of respinning until victory increase with every appearance of the higher-paying terracotta warriors on the first reel. This feature adds a layer of resilience, mirroring the undying spirit of the warriors who stand guard even in the afterlife.

Free Spins are the chisel and hammer of this slot, etching out a place for players to carve out their winnings from the stone reels. Triggered by the Scatter Symbol, the Free Spins rounds unfurl a scroll of possibilities: Sticky Mystery Symbols stick to their positions, and Scatters collected in a meter that gradually exiles the lower-paying symbols from the reels—a true purge akin to a victorious emperor’s cleansing of his palace.

The game’s appeal is further cemented by the Bonus Buy option, where—with a tribute of your chosen range—you can fast-track your way into the tomb of Free Spins. You could choose to embark on a more conservative adventure paying 45X the bet for a minimum of free spins and Sticky Mystery Symbols, or you can march in with the confidence of an emperor, wagering 180X the bet to unlock the potential for 9 to 14 Free Spins garnished with extra spins and Sticky Mystery Symbols.

Review Summary

Blue Guru Games has carved out a niche for itself in the crowded slot game market by delivering experiences that are not only visually arresting but also richly layered with meaning. Their latest offering, Terracotta Army, continues this tradition; blending authentic history with the exhilaration of modern slot gaming. While the Mystery Symbols can have players on the edge of their seats, they might at times find them repetitive, especially when the allure of the unknown becomes an expected familiarity.

High volatility slots such as this one cater to those players looking for a game with massive win potential, and Terracotta Army’s 10,000x max win certainly puts it in the category of games that can bestow bountiful spoils upon its victors.

The slot is a bridge between history and the present day, offering an opportunity not just to witness but to actively partake in the revival of the Terracotta Army. Set against the backdrop of a digitized mausoleum, each spin is a step into the past, with the chance of unearthing riches fit for an emperor.

As we reflect on this experience, the mingling of past splendor and present technology defines Terracotta Army as a slot that gives more than it takes—not just in winnings, but in the rich historical journey it offers. This is a narrative-driven adventure for history buffs and slot enthusiasts alike, another testament to the creative power of Blue Guru Games.

  • Integrates a compelling historical theme with modern slot mechanics
  • Expanding Mystery Symbols and Free Spins with Sticky Symbols offer dynamic gameplay
  • The bonus purchase option caters to a variety of betting preferences
  • Max win potential of 10,000x bet creates high excitement levels
  • Mystery Symbols may be seen as repetitive after prolonged play
  • High volatility might deter players who prefer consistent, smaller wins
  • The game might be complex for new players due to the variety of features
0.0 Overall Rating
Terracotta Army Slot Review