Super Hot Stacks (Gaming Corps) Slot Review

As digital fruit baskets go, Gaming Corps has tossed up a vibrant mix of classic charm and modern twists with their latest offering, Super Hot Stacks. The developer may not be the most recognized name in the high-octane world of iGaming, but they surely know their way around the creation of slots that delight and surprise. Not resting on the graphical laurels of luscious fruit symbols, this title rolls out an experience combining a purple-hued square patterned background with golden-framed reels that offer a feast for the eyes and potentially the wallet.

Stepping away from their portfolio, Gaming Corps has previously impressed with slots that engage both novice and seasoned players, thanks to a blend of straightforward mechanics and intriguing features. Super Hot Stacks continues this tradition with a game structure that ticks the boxes of being both inviting and potentially lucrative; a balanced act indeed.

The slot’s presentation makes a bold statement with its visuals and theme; reminiscent of fruit machines seen in land-based casinos. Still, it’s the simmering promise of the Super Hot Stacks feature and its tantalizing multipliers that crank up the heat, serving a sizzling dish of fruit with every spin. Players savvy with bets range from 0.1 to a robust 100 per spin, and with the Medium volatility coupled with a palatable RTP of 96.04%, the smorgasbord of winnings isn’t just a fantasy.

Moreover, Gaming Corps has made absolutely certain that the game’s enchantment is not locked behind a desktop screen. Super Hot Stacks spreads its juicy rewards across mobile phones and notepads too, ensuring that the fruity revelry is just a touch away, no matter where the players might find themselves craving a spin or a win.

In the pursuit of a win multiplier that could soar to 25X, players will find themselves accompanied by a soundtrack with a vigor that blends the suspense of a spy thriller with the pizzazz of a Vegas slot hall. The amalgamation of sights and sounds in Super Hot Stacks is not accidental; it’s a carefully choreographed dance designed to keep players engaged, thrilled, and returning for more. Intrigue and excitement hang in the balance, ready to tip in favor of the player who dares to take on the challenge of this fruity fiesta.

Game Information

TitleSuper Hot Stacks
DeveloperGaming Corps
Release Date21/09/2023
Star Rating3/5


The game’s crown jewel, the Super Hot Stacks feature, is as straightforward as it is elegantly implemented. Land the same fruity symbol type on all three rows of a reel, and the multiplier climbs by one. As effortless as it seems, the possibilities that stem from this are enticing – hitting one stack bumps the multiplier to 2X, and a fortuitous spin that stacks symbols across all five reels in the base game takes it to an impressive 6X.

Another delightful fruit on the Super Hot Stacks tree is the starry-eyed Scatter Symbol. Upon its thrice landing on reels 1, 3, and 5, the Free Spins saga begins, starting players off with seven spins. What’s more engrossing is that during these free rounds the multiplier doesn’t shy away; it persists and grows between spins, building up to a cap of a staggering 25X. Each scatter trio during these rounds further throws five extra spins into the mix, potentially up to a total of 50 additional spins – a feisty free spin fiesta, indeed!

Now, what if Lady Luck is on a break, and the Free Spins don’t yield the expected riches? Super Hot Stacks offers a cushion with its Bonus Guarantee feature – earn less than 10X the bet by the end of Free Spins, and you’re granted 3 more spins. This safety net triggers until the players reach at least 10X the bet or, in an ideal world, until the Free Spins cap is hit.

Review Summary

Innovation often lies in simplicity, and the simplicity here is a testament to Gaming Corps’ pragmatic approach. Super Hot Stacks doesn’t reinvent the wheel; instead, it polishes it to a radiance that’s hard to overlook. With all the expected hallmarks of a fruit slot quilted with a multiplier feature ripe to erupt, each spin of Super Hot Stacks feels consequential, a delightful little gamble wrapped in a nostalgic package with a bow of modernity.

Let’s not forget the comparison to the staple fruit slots like Fruit Shop that have paved the way. While NetEnt’s classic provides the foundations, Gaming Corps has gone a step further with enhancements and features that deepen the gameplay and amplify the excitement. It’s a juggling act, respecting the old while courting the new, and in this balancing act, Super Hot Stacks doesn’t drop the ball.

The game crafts a space where both beginners, hungry for uncomplicated thrill, and veterans, craving a nuanced spin, can find their place. And it is within these spins – backed by a soundtrack better suited for high-speed chases than idle spins – that Super Hot Stacks defines its unique spot in the crowded orchard of fruit-themed slots. It’s both an homage to a traditional aesthetic and a lively take on present-day slot mechanics.

  • Engaging Super Hot Stacks feature with up to 25X multipliers
  • Versatile betting range catering to different player profiles
  • Free Spins with a generous multiplier that does not reset
  • Mobile-friendly for gaming on the go
  • Lacks hit frequency and bonus round frequency details
  • No Wild Symbol may disappoint some traditionalists
  • Medium volatility might not satisfy those chasing extreme thrills or prolonged plays
0.0 Overall Rating
Super Hot Stacks (Gaming Corps) Slot Review