Steam Squad Slot Review

From the imaginative forges of Red Tiger Gaming comes Steam Squad, a slot game that embarks on a high-flying adventure into the realms of the impossible. Red Tiger Gaming, known for their ability to blend extraordinary graphics with intricate gameplay, has certainly made a mark on the online casino world. Their innovations and attention to detail are prominent yet again in Steam Squad, where steampunk aesthetics meet sky-high escapades.

The visual style of Steam Squad is stunningly rendered, setting players aboard a fantastical flying steamship piloted by an endearing crew consisting of three humans and a charming canine. The game is draped in a steampunk theme with gears, pipes, and steam-powered machinery adorning the interface. The backdrop provides a sense of height and wonder with soaring houses and fluffy white clouds, which forms the perfect canvas for the action unfolding on the grid.

Red Tiger Gaming has a knack for crafting slots that offer not just a game but a narrative experience. Other notable releases like Dragon’s Fire and Reel King Mega attest to their ability to craft visually-striking games that engage players with unique features. Steam Squad is no exception, boasting gameplay that detours from standard slot structures. With a grid of 6 reels and 6 rows, the game stands out through its Winning Wipeout system, which eschews the traditional cascading mechanic for a bold new approach, removing non-winning symbols to continue the game’s momentum.

Features like the Booster Row and Amplifiers in Steam Squad are cultivated to spike players’ engagement. Add to this the variable RTPs that Red Tiger Gaming offers for different markets, and you have a game that accommodates various player preferences. With a high volatility and a hit frequency that suggests wins on about 3 spins out of 10, Steam Squad makes for an invigorating play with stakes that can go sky-high—quite literally.

The user interface is cleverly designed, reflecting the game’s mechanics and theme while ensuring smooth gameplay. And with multi-device compatibility, players can take this steamship adventure on desktops, phones, and notepads, ensuring they never have to disembark from the fun.

Despite these alluring aspects, however, Steam Squad feels somewhat wanting. With a base game RTP of 95.64% and a max win capped at 3,235x the bet, it falls marginally below industry average—factors that ultimately weigh down its overall star rating to 3 out of 5.

Game Information

TitleSteam Squad
DeveloperRed Tiger Gaming
Release Date05/12/2023
Star Rating3/5


The whimsical team of Steam Squad welcomes players into a slot filled with diverse abilities designed to increase the chances of hefty wins and elevated fun. The features are as varied as they are engaging:

  • Winning Wipeout: Break away from the norm with a refreshing mechanic that removes non-winning symbols, keeping the reels in a state of constant anticipation.
  • Amplifiers: Each reel comes with a multiplier waiting to be activated. Fill a reel with winning symbols and watch your payouts potentially skyrocket.
  • Power Up: Expect surprise performances, as random symbols power up and clone themselves after non-winning spins for unexpected wins.
  • Booster Row: Randomly placed metal frames can transform non-winning symbols into winning ones, or enhance active multipliers, ensuring that each spin holds the potential for a game-changing moment.
  • Free Spins: As pervasive as they are cherished, free spins not only extend the game-time but also enhance the chances of a serious haul. Triggering them is a treat, and retriggering means the flight could go on indefinitely.
  • Bonus Buy: Those eager to experience the game’s full might can purchase the Free Spins feature, enjoying a slightly higher RTP and jumping straight into what may be the game’s most rewarding phase.

Each feature is seamlessly woven into the gameplay, adding layers of depth to the player experience. Whether it’s the wipeouts that continue until the grid is devoid of winning symbols, or the random appearance of multipliers that dramatically affect the potential win size, every element serves to keep you engaged, your eyes riveted to the steam-powered reels of the Steam Squad.

In times when the winds seem calmer, and the reels less generous, the chance that random symbols might trigger a Power Up and take over a reel stokes the fire of possibility. Metal frames signaling the booster’s activation hearken a mini-game within the slot, giving you a chance to influence the outcome in a visually appealing way.

When the scatter symbols descend upon the grid, they promise a journey to the Free Spins – an essential destination for any slot explorer. With the Booster Row always active and multipliers only rising, the prospects never seem bleak.

The Bonus Buy is a modern addition to many slots, and in Steam Squad, it follows suit with an increased RTP for those who’d rather bypass the base game. The option is there for the intrepid who find value in paying ahead to engage with the game’s full arsenal immediately.

Review Summary

Red Tiger Gaming’s Steam Squad is an ambitious project that doesn’t shy away from trying to reimagine the classic slot format. Situated in a world of cogs, gears, and dreamlike flight, it does more than what a regular slot game does—it tells a story. The combination of visuals, inventive features, and an altogether different take on winning mechanics amount to a remarkable player experience. Yet, certain aspects like the lower than average RTP and max win remind us that even sky-high adventures have their limits.

However, the game’s visually lush theme, coupled with an innovative Winning Wipeout system and a rich mix of features, set it apart. Even if it does not entirely eclipse the competition, Steam Squad secures its place with an engaging, multi-faceted spinning experience that can captivate both casual and dedicated players.

As a thoroughfare in the vast sky that is the slot market, Steam Squad has its special place. The game offers an adventurous twist, a vibrant cast of characters, and mechanics that beckon with the promise of something new with every spin. While it doesn’t score top marks, it’s certainly not a game that’ll easily be forgotten as you journey through the floating worlds of Red Tiger Gaming’s creation.

  • Refreshingly unique Winning Wipeout feature
  • Stunning steampunk visuals and engaging theme
  • Boosters and multipliers enhance winning potential
  • Bonus Buy option for direct access to Free Spins with higher RTP
  • Refreshingly unique Winning Wipeout feature
  • Stunning steampunk visuals and engaging theme
  • Boosters and multipliers enhance winning potential
  • Bonus Buy option for direct access to Free Spins with higher RTP
0.0 Overall Rating
Steam Squad Slot Review