Space Cows Slot Review

In the galaxy of online slots, a new celestial body has emerged, courtesy of Booming Games – a noted developer that continues to mark its territory with inventive themes and engaging gameplay mechanics. Let’s embark on an interstellar adventure with Space Cows Slot, an extraterrestrial-themed game that humorously combines UFO mythology with farmyard antics.

Booming Games has carved out its presence in the bustling market by consistently delivering slots that stand out through their unique visual flair. With Space Cows, they continue this tradition by offering a whimsically absurd take on the age-old question: are we alone in the universe? The answer here, played out against the bucolic backdrop of a countryside farm under siege from otherworldly visitors, is a resounding and entertaining “no”.

Fans of Booming Games will find familiar satisfaction here, akin to the enjoyment derived from their other space-themed slots like Space Donkey or Pigeons From Space. Space Cows continues down this path of creative foray, mixing the uncanny and the pastoral into a cogent visual style replete with charmingly designed characters and a night sky alive with the possibilities of alien contact.

The game itself is structured traditionally with 5 reels, 4 rows, and a generous 1024 paylines, inviting players to find their fortune among the stars—or in this case, within the confines of a high-tech barnyard. With a below-average RTP of 95.60%, high volatility, and betting options that range from 0.20 to 100, Space Cows requires players to be bold in their pursuit of cosmic riches, offering a compelling max win of 5000x the stake.

The player experience is bolstered by an interface that is simple yet intuitively designed, keeping all necessary buttons within easy reach. Compatibility with mobile devices, desktops, and notepads ensures that players can engage with this extra-terrestrial intervention at their leisure.

With its playfully absurd premise and grounded gameplay, Space Cows initiates players into a universe where the unexplained becomes the norm and where every spin of the reel furthers the narrative of a farm in the throes of otherworldly tourism.

Game Information

TitleSpace Cows
DeveloperBooming Games
Release Date25/10/2023
Star Rating3/5

Space Cows Slot Features

Space Cows bestows upon players a myriad of features that enhance the gaming experience. The array of features begins with Cascading Reels, a common but much-loved mechanic that sees winning symbols beamed away, allowing new symbols to take their place for potential additional wins.

But still, the crown jewels of this slot are the Random UFO Features, which can occur automatically after a successful cascade. These otherworldly phenomenons, occurring up to five times during a spin, can result in a variety of outcomes:

  • Beaming Wilds – A random number of symbols transform into Wilds, creating new winning combinations.
  • Multiplier Wilds – Similar to the Beaming Wilds, but these Wilds come with a 2X multiplier. If several are part of a win, their values combine before application.
  • Minor Destruction – A probe-like maneuver that eradicates all lower-paying symbols, leaving behind only premiums and Scatters for the next cascade.
  • Major Upgrade – A close encounter of the upgraded kind where low-value symbols morph into higher-paying ones.

The game elevates the experience further when three or more Scatter Symbols land anywhere on the reels, triggering the Free Spins Feature, awarding players 8, 10, or 12 free spins depending on the number of scatters. During these lunar-themed spins, the Random UFO Features become even more common, but it’s vital to note that free spins cannot be retriggered.

For those impatient with waiting for natural triggers, the Bonus Buy option permits players to jump directly to the Free Spins Feature for a price of 80x their bet.

It’s these innovative, quirky, and multiple Random UFO Features that provide much of the charm in Space Cows. Being whisked away to the moon for the Free Spins Feature imbues the game with an atmosphere of adventure, suspense, and the promise of the unknown.

Space Cows Slot Conclusion

Booming Games’ foray into the incongruous melding of UFO folklore and farm life has born a slot game that emphasizes the imaginative heights developers reach for. While the stats are in the comfortable middle, with a not entirely competitive RTP and a decent max win, Space Cows stands out with its engaging thematics and the synergy between alien elements and gameplay features.

It’s true that players seeking the titanic winning potential of our extraterrestrial friends in Space Donkey might find Space Cows a bit muted in comparison. However, the consistently activating UFO features ensure that each base spin is a voyage of discovery and anticipation. One might wish for more thrills in the Free Spins Feature – perhaps an escalation in Multiplier Wild values or the addition of Sticky Wilds? Nonetheless, Space Cows is an undeniable charmer, providing a galactic romp through pastures not often trudged by intergalactic travelers.

If you’re a fan of Booming Games’ previous titles, like Bamboo Wilds or Mammoth Tundra, the novelty and charm of Space Cows will likely keep you engaged and entertained, with a touch of the bizarre thrown in for good measure.

  • Engaging UFO-themed features brimming with cosmic creativity
  • Wide betting range catering to both cautious earthlings and intrepid astronauts
  • Eccentric and captivating premise not commonly seen in slot games
  • Below-average RTP, which might not appeal to those who favor return stats
  • Free Spins Feature lacks retrigger possibilities and advanced modifiers
0.0 Overall Rating
Space Cows Slot Review