Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways (BGaming) Slot Review

Stepping into the untamed terrains of the virtual gaming savannah, we set our sights on a majestic beast, the ‘Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways’ slot, crafted by the proficient hands at BGaming. In the backdrop of BGaming’s ascent as a household name in the iGaming landscape, this title stands as a testament to their market acumen and creative finesse. Known for their knack for immersive visuals and intricate themes, BGaming continues to leave a unique imprint on the slot genre, with games that challenge conventions and invite players into rich, new worlds. Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways is a magnificent example of their work, drawing inspiration from the grandeur of North American wildlife.

As we delve further into this game, the visual tapestry of the American frontier unrolls before us, starring the formidable Buffalo as our great protagonist. Joined by the majestic American bald eagle and a cohort of the continent’s most striking animals, the game transcends the boundaries of a mere slot and evolves into an interactive homage to nature’s splendor. BGaming, with their penchant for visual storytelling, has fashioned this wildlife theme as a panoramic canvas, inviting you to partake in the grand narrative of the wild.

The Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways, following the trail of its predecessors, such as the beloved Alpha Eagle and Tiger Tiger Wild Life, offers a playfield of 6 reels with a dynamic 2 to 8 rows configuration. Thanks to the innovative Megaways engine, it boasts up to 200,704 ways to win, providing players an expansive landscape of potential victories. Adorned with a flexible betting range from 0.10 to 35 and anchored by an impressive RTP of 97.04%, the slot caters to both the thrift and the bold. Its high volatility tempers the journey, not unlike a venture through the untamed wilds, while a commendable hit frequency of 29.24% ensures that the game remains enthralling.

The user interface complements the artistry, offering seamless gameplay across devices, while the bonus features—Wild Symbols, Refilling Mechanism, Free Spins, Extra Reel, Chance x2, and Bonus Buy—serve as your gear and guides on this digital safari. With each feature, BGaming not only bolsters players’ chances but enriches the narrative spun with every spin.

Game Information

TitleSavage Buffalo Spirit Megaways
Rows2 – 8
Release Date24/08/2023
Star Rating3/5

Features of Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways Slot

As we journey through the features of the Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways, we first encounter the Wild Symbol—a majestic buffalo—only making its appearance on reels 2 to 5 and the extra reel. Its presence is mighty, doubling the wins where it asserts its role as the substitute for any symbol save for the Scatter. It’s a presence that pulsates with the rhythm of the drums, signaling that the hunt for grand prizes is well and truly on.

Then comes the Refilling Feature, a cascade of symbols that replenishes the empty spaces left by the winning icons. This waterfall of opportunity doesn’t cease until the potential for victory is fully drained, much like the rivers of the great plains that feed life into the arid lands.

Activating the Free Spins is akin to finding the tracks of the elusive buffalo—a scatter of three or more mountain symbols across the reels is your clue. The trek that follows is variable, meandering through a landscape of 5 to 15 free spins, where the wilderness reveals a random multiplier of 2x to 25x to augment your wins. When the Scatter Symbols drop again, they re-trigger the adventure, pooling the multipliers to create an untamed surge of potential.

Indeed, the magnanimity of Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways doesn’t end with these free journeys; you are granted the sovereignty to commandeer the Free Spins. At half your stake’s price, you can double your chances, though paired with the condition that the Chance x2 is deactivated. And for those who prefer to bypass the trails and reach the heart of the wilderness directly, a sacrifice of 70x your stake invokes the Bonus Game with a chanced multiplier for the round.

Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways Slot Conclusion

In reviewing the repertoire of BGaming, it’s evident that the Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways is an evolution, a crest in the wave that is the union of theme and mechanics. Drawing breath from the legacy of its predecessor, the ‘Savage Buffalo Spirit’, this successor magnifies the thrills with the Megaways innovation, evolving the experience from a classic 5×3 setup to a panoramic escapade.

With the potential to swiftly gallop to a 6000x maximum win, bolstered by a solid RTP and complemented by a suite of features that command both respect and excitement, Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways stands as a celebration of BGaming’s commitment to player satisfaction. The studio’s spirit of adventure soars through in this title, making it a lodestar for enthusiasts seeking a taste of the wild within the digital realm.

The game is a safari, one that not only promises lucrative hunts but serves as an echoing anthem of the wilderness, branded with the BGaming seal. And so, for fans and newcomers alike, this game extends a horned invitation to bask in the glory of the great American Buffalo and discover the spirit of the wild that beats at the heart of this slot.

Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways invites you to a gaming experience where the cascading reels act as a clarion call to fortune seekers, echoing the 6000x Max Win across the vast, digital prairie.

  • High RTP of 97.04% for the base game, further increased with Bonus Buy Feature.
  • Massive 200704 Megaways to win, offering a dynamic and engaging gaming experience.
  • Multiple features including Free Spins, Multipliers, and a Bonus Buy option add depth to gameplay.
  • High volatility may deter players preferring more frequent, smaller wins.
  • No progressive jackpot included, which could be a downside for jackpot hunters.
0.0 Overall Rating
Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways (BGaming) Slot Review