Safari Sun (Fantasma Games) Slot Review

In the world of online casino gaming, few sights are as breathtaking as the raw beauty of the African savannah, a place where the sun blazes in the sky, and the reels shine with the possibility of wild wins. Fantasma Games, once more, flirts with this magnificent setting in its latest offering—Safari Sun. Known for its knack in creating visually appealing and mechanically engaging slots, Fantasma Games does not disappoint with this foray into the wild.

The lush aesthetics of Safari Sun are designed to transport players to the heart of Africa. The cartoon-style backdrop is excellent, setting the stage for an alluring reel experience. Fantasma has been carving out a niche for itself in the market by developing titles that do not just play well but are also visual feasts—and Safari Sun is no exception.

Safari Sun follows in the proud footsteps of genre staples like Safari of Wealth and Savanna Roar, with a visual theme that has proven to be absolutely timeless. The traditional 5-reel setup has been creatively adapted to feature a unique 3-4-4-4-3 row structure, opening the plains to a whopping 576 ways to win.

For players, it’s important to know where the chances lie. Safari Sun boasts an RTP of 96%, which is commendable in today’s competitive landscape, and the high volatility guarantees that when the reels align, the wins can be as colossal as the game’s max payout of 18,792x the stake. With a minimum bet at 0.2 and a maximum at 50, both casual players and high rollers can find their pace in this African adventure.

Fantasma Games does not skimp on the user interface, delivering a layout as intuitive as it is engaging. This game also keeps you glued to the screen with its features, ensuring that each spin can be as potentially momentous as the last. The question is, as you traverse these cartoon savannahs, can the gameplay hold up to the grandeur of the African wild? Let’s gear up and delve deep into the Safari Sun slot experience.

Game Information

TitleSafari Sun
DeveloperFantasma Games
Rows3 – 4 – 4 – 4 – 3
Release Date24/08/2023
Star Rating4/5

Expanding Symbol Feature

As the sun scorches the reels, landing a sun-marked symbol in a winning combination is akin to striking gold—or more aptly, striking sun. These marked symbols will stretch, mighty as a baobab tree, to cover an entire reel, cranking up your winning potential to its zenith. This feature symbolizes the way the African sun dominates the sky, and here it dominantly plays in favor of your wallet.

Mystery Sun Feature

In the base game, as unpredictable as a wild storm, the Mystery Sun can strike at any second, and when it does, it guarantees a win. At most, you can witness up to three symbols burgeoning across the reels, forging paths to victory where there once were none—a thrilling reminder that in Safari Sun, your fortunes may change as swiftly as the wind on the plains.

Free Spins and Volatility Selection

Venture into the Free Spins savannah, and you’re presented with an additional reel—tall and imposing—that shifts the terrain to an expansive 3-4-4-4-4-3 layout. Now, players get to orchestrate their own safari adventure by choosing from five different Free Spins options, each with an animal that symbolizes the level of volatility to expect. From a lions’ 4 spins—agile and ferocious—to a hornbill’s 20—graceful and plentiful—every selection brims with tailored potential. This choice, which occurs roughly every 170 spins, lets players be the master of their destiny, selecting not just an animal but their appetite for risk.

Bonus Buy

For the hunter who prefers not to wait for the call of the wild, Safari Sun offers a Bonus Buy feature. At 50 times your bet, this takes you straight into the Free Spins feature, carrying the promise of a 96% RTP, ensuring that your purchased passage to the Free Spins plains is as fruitful as any naturally triggered trek.

Safari Sun Slot Conclusion

Safari Sun is a testament to Fantasma Games’ ability to blend aesthetics with a robust mechanical design. The game maintains a pulse-pounding pace due to its feature-rich environment, where expanding symbols grace your spins under the gaze of the burning sun, and the Mystery Sun feature can unleash wins when least expected.

The central Free Spins feature is an adrenaline-rushed ride for those who dare to select their preferred volatility—impacting the experience as much as the wins. And with a max payoff of 18,792 times the bet, Safari Sun roars with the possibility of life-changing scores.

Of course, the African savannah-themed slots have a storied history in the emporium of casino games, and with Safari Sun, Fantasma Games has cleverly left its footprints among these giants, offering an engaging twist with its sundrenched gameplay and volatile Free Spin feature.

Players who fancy immediate action can bypass the natural progression entirely, buying their way into the thick of things, all the while assured that their RTP remains unaffected by this shortcut.

Safari Sun is a compelling blend of visual splendor and engaging mechanics, sure to be welcomed by novices and veterans of the slot gaming savannah alike. For those looking to explore similar thrilling terrains, then Safari of Wealth, Savanna Roar, and Raging Rhino Mighty Ways are excellent companions for your next gaming expedition.

  • Striking theme with a unique visual style.
  • Expansive maximum win potential of 18,792x.
  • Free Spins round that allows volatility selection.
  • Accessible across all platforms, enhancing gameplay flexibility.
  • High volatility may not suit all players.
  • Lack of progressive jackpot feature could be a downside for jackpot chasers.
0.0 Overall Rating
Safari Sun (Fantasma Games) Slot Review