Royal Potato 2 (Print Studios) Slot Review

Print Studios once again graces the iGaming landscape with their sequel to a previous hit, Royal Potato. As a slot review writer channeling the spirit of Jason Schreier, it’s enthralling to have the opportunity to delve deep into the realm where spuds reign supreme. The world of online slots is constantly morphing, with themes ranging from antique mythologies to futuristic odysseys, but sometimes it’s the quirky and unique that truly capture players’ imaginations. With Royal Potato 2, Print Studios managed to sprout a fresh shoot from its tuberous forerunner, keeping the roots of success intact while nourishing the game with an enriched formula for potentially even greater yields.

The original Royal Potato found itself nestled comfortably in the slots collection of many enthusiasts, renowned for its unassumingly simple charm and engrossing multiplier mechanism, which saw our potato protagonist grow with accruing wins. As times change, so too do the tastes of the slot-spinning populace. Entering the stage is Royal Potato 2, blossoming with an increased max win potential and innovative additions peppered throughout the gameplay.

At its core, the game stays true to Print Studios’ ethos of crafting visually compelling games that seamlessly blend art with technology. The upgraded graphics are delightful, brightening the reels with shades of spud sophistication. Amongst the cluster of character potatoes, the standout is undoubtedly the blue-skinned variety, exuding the casual grace of a French painter from a past era. As for the gameplay mechanics, we see the same structure—an array of 5 reels and 4 rows, encompassing 30 paylines. Steeped in high volatility, those who till the reels with patience and resilience may unearth a splendiferous bounty of up to 40000x their stake.

The user interface is par for the course, conveying the essential information without clutter, making it accessible and enjoyable on all common mobile devices and desktops. Thanks to a considerate blend of high volatility and a robust RTP of 96.26%, the game is both challenging and fair. Betting options stretch from a mere morsel of a Min.bet at 0.20 to a hearty Max.bet of 25, welcoming both casual cultivators and high-stakes harvesters alike.

The game’s features are the rich soil in which its appeal truly grows. They include the hallmark Scatter Symbol, the unique Superspinners mechanic, the regal Royal Levy, and the ever-popular Free Spins. Furthermore, Royal Potato 2 introduces a potpourri of feature bets/buys, inviting players to fertilize their gaming experience with a dash of strategic spice.

The Superspinners mechanic—Print Studios’ beloved invention—is back to entice players with numbers between the reels. These numerals act as multipliers, merging, and magnifying wins when they align with them. The addition of the Royal Levy feature allows for spontaneous cash prizes or free spins whenever King or Queen symbols sprout onto the grid. Factor in the cleverly designed Free Spins feature with its wide-ranging potential, from extra spins, golden multipliers, and synchronized reels to symbol activations, and it’s clear the game is cultivated with creativity.

Players willing to wager more can exploit one of the five feature bets/buys, with varying impacts on game dynamics and win potentials. The costs range from 1.5x up to 340x the stake, with each tier designed to catalyze different aspects of the game, such as enhancing the frequency of triggering the Free Spins or unleashing the opulent Super Free Spins feature.

Evaluating Royal Potato 2 leaves the taste of excitement on one’s palate, especially considering the strides made since its predecessor. What used to be a distant dream—the full growth of the potato to encompass the entire grid—now burgeons within a realm of possibility, more frequent than the sparse occurrences in the initial outing. The introduction of the Potato Sack, alongside the enhanced bonus buy options, elevates the game significantly. It brings modern slot trends such as feature bets to the fore, piquing the interest of those eager for different avenues toward the elusive jackpot win.

In the panoramic view of things, Print Studios has outdone themselves, tailoring Royal Potato 2 to both the market’s progression and the players’ diversifying appetites. They’ve achieved a splendidly balanced game: challenging enough to keep seasoned players engaged, yet adorned with enough features and options to appeal to those seeking a varied and potentially lucrative slot experience.

Game Information

TitleRoyal Potato 2
DeveloperPrint Studios
Release Date28/09/2023
Star Rating5/5
  • Engaging and creative blend of new features with increased max win potential
  • Accessible to a wide range of players with varying bet options
  • Feature bets/buys offer dynamic gameplay enhancing strategic depth
  • High volatility may deter more cautious players
  • Full potential requires significant investment in feature bets/buys

Royal Potato 2 by Print Studios doesn’t just rehash its previous success but evolves it; a sequel that not only stands on the shoulders of the original but rises above it to offer a richer, fuller slot experience. Whether you’re a fledgling farmer or a seasoned spud connoisseur, Royal Potato 2 offers a nutritious serving of slot satisfaction with the possibility of a sumptuous harvest. Prepare to engage in the potato stand-off, may the best gambler win, and may the potatoes ever be in your favor.

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Royal Potato 2 (Print Studios) Slot Review