Ramses’ Book of Rings (Raw iGaming) Slot Review

Venturing through the ever-expalling galaxy of online slot games, one might stumble upon an enigmatic and richly themed title like “Ramses’ Book of Rings.” This innovative creation by Raw iGaming deviates from conventional slot reels, immersing players in an ancient Egyptian adventure with a distinctive gameplay mechanic. Raw iGaming, a newer challenger on the iGaming stage, is quickly distinguishing itself as a developer capable of crafting unique gaming experiences that intrigue and captivate.

The visual palate served in “Ramses’ Book of Rings” is a compelling fusion of vibrant hues and historical motifs, painting a world where the legacies of pharaohs like Ramesses II flourish anew. This high-volatility game rests within a lineage of titles from Raw iGaming, which include edgy and adventurous themes paired with unconventional design choices that break away from traditional slot layouts.

Unwrapping the game’s architecture, “Ramses’ Book of Rings” provides a tableau of ten circular reels spread over five rows, offering ten paylines. These concentric circles combine to forge a path for winnings that is as hypnotic as it is innovative. Players are invited to engage in this slot’s saga with bets ranging from a minimum of 0.1 to a maximum of 20; however, the true allure comes from a maximum win potential that can rocket up to 6,500 times the initial stake. With an RTP of 95.50%, adventurers are lured into this tomb of fortune where each spin can unravel an abundance of riches or the mysteries of ancient curses.

The game weaves its narrative within a seamless user interface, ensuring that player interactions with its features, from Free Spins to the SuperSlice Rings, are intuitive and add depth to the overall experience. It’s this confluence of player engagement, alongside the promising RTP and a myriad of betting options, that underscores the quality Raw iGaming injects into its ambitious ventures.

The call to explore this Egyptian sojourn is not only for those who revere the olden lore but also for enthusiasts seeking to indulge in slots designed with a modern twist and eye-catching aesthetics. “Ramses’ Book of Rings” doesn’t just reimagine the boundaries of the familiar—it invites us to envision the reels of destiny spinning in celestial harmony, awaiting those brave enough to decode its secrets and bring home the Pharaoh’s long-lost treasures.

Game Information

TitleRamses’ Book of Rings
DeveloperRaw iGaming
Release Date07/09/2023
Star Rating3/5


The treasured relics of Ramses’ era are not the mere trinkets of pomp and circumstance – they are gateways to enthralling features capable of monumental wins. A prime captivating jewel within “Ramses’ Book of Rings” is the Book Symbol, which fulfills dual purposes as a Wild and Scatter, navigating players through the symbiotic networks of wins and surprises. This pivotal symbol can ignite the flames of Free Spins, where fortunes shift and the heart of the game beats with magnified intensity.

Embracing the SuperSlice Rings, the game presents a celestial dance circling from 2 to 10 segments. Engaging with these segments augments the excitement as one witnesses the harmony of symbols unfold in real-time. The precision and randomness with which these symbols unveil themselves are nothing short of mesmerizing.

Integration of the Ramses Symbol Replace mechanic is a gem that shouldn’t be overlooked. On the occasion of a non-winning spin, this feature enacts a ritual, banishing lower-paying symbols and inviting those of higher value to take their place within the rings. It’s a transformative moment that doesn’t guarantee fortune but tips the scales significantly in the player’s favor.

Free Spins unfurl like papyrus scrolls filled with hieroglyphs of luck and prosperity. Landing Book Symbols across the reels catalyzes this anticipated event, with a special symbol bestowing its power throughout the round. Here, the potential for winnings is amplified, creating a crescendo of anticipation. The possibility of consecutive Free Spins incites a further rush of excitement, rekindling the potential for a cascading flurry of wins.

For those impatient souls yearning for immediate gratification, the Bonus Buy option—aptly named Bonus Rush—transcends the waiting. Players can purchase their way into the Free Spins realm, assuring an encounter with the game’s most exalted moments.

ClusterSpin, an innovative game mode that dares players to foresee the outcome of a series of spins, provides a vibrant alternative to classical spinning. Players can either soar with the might of victorious bets or taste the sands of defeat, each bearing the possibility of additional prizes.

Review Summary

“Ramses’ Book of Rings” is a testament to Raw iGaming’s dedication to crafting an epic player journey that transcends the mundane. This slot stands as a beacon of imagination, its features meticulously designed to evoke both the grandeur of Egypt’s rich history and the thrill of modern-day casino gaming.

With an enthralling atmosphere and unique gameplay mechanics, it deepens one’s appreciation for the ingenuities developers can achieve. By marrying traditional elements like Free Spins with inventive ones such as SuperSlice Rings and ClusterSpin, it creates a fresh experience that revitalizes the genre.

The game’s high volatility, coupled with an engaging RTP, entices players who chase the allure of high stakes and high rewards. Betting options cater to a wide audience, ranging from the conservative to those imbued with the spirit of the bravest explorers. Ensuring accessibility across devices, Raw iGaming promotes a seamless transition from desktop to mobile, so one’s quest for riches need not be tethered to a single tomb.

Venture into the mystic whirl of “Ramses’ Book of Rings,” where ancient symbols spin on the rings of destiny, conjuring wins and invoking the blessings of the gods of old. This slot review not only lauds the game’s visual and functional prowess but highlights its potential to become an iconic fixture in the annals of slot gaming.

  • Vivid Egyptian-themed visual design and innovative circular reel structure
  • Max win potential of 6,500x the stake offers high reward prospects
  • Multiple gameplay features and Bonus Buy option enrich the player experience
  • Adaptable betting range suitable for various player preferences
  • May present a learning curve due to the unconventional gameplay mechanics
  • A comparatively lower RTP might deter players used to higher percentages
0.0 Overall Rating
Ramses’ Book of Rings (Raw iGaming) Slot Review