Rainbow Ryan 2 (Yggdrasil) Slot Review

Yggdrasil, an innovative name that has been consistently shaking the pillars of the online gaming world with its distinctive slots, is serenading players with another heavy riff in the form of Rainbow Ryan 2. If the first chord of the brand’s name already sounds like a spell, that’s because Yggdrasil is known for weaving magical gaming experiences, often imbued with rich Norse mythology. But with Rainbow Ryan 2, we march to a different tune—specifically, an Irish rock concert led by the pint-sized maestro and guitar virtuoso, the leprechaun known as Ryan.

Rainbow Ryan 2 drives the original slot’s theme into a boisterous encore, a symphony of visuals combining the idyllic charm of Irish folklore and a thumping hard rock concert. It’s no small feat to seamlessly blend rolling green hills and the electric buzz of onstage amps, but Yggdrasil gives us front-row seats to this show.

Though it is always good to pay homage to the artist’s prior work, and Rainbow Ryan’s debut in 2017 certainly deserves that nod, this sequel ramps up the spectacle. As you spin through the vividly designed 6 reels and 4 rows, this slot’s 4,096 paylines ensure this party has no boundaries. But it’s not just about the size of the crowd: engagement is key. Here, the gameplay mechanics harmonize with high volatility and an RTP set at a somewhat discordant 94%—a note that some punters might find slightly off-key. Yet, for those willing to ride out the solos, the betting options range from a casual 0.10 to a rockstar-worthy 100, ensuring this concert caters to all.

And the player experience? It’s like having VIP access to the backstage, where Yggdrasil’s user interface continues to impress with its intuitive design, allowing both new fans and seasoned groupies to jump straight into the action, whether on mobile phones, notepads, or desktops.

Let’s now set the stage for the core details of Rainbow Ryan 2 before diving into the review, just as a roadie would set up before the main event.

Game Information

TitleRainbow Ryan 2
Release Date22/02/2024
Star Rating3/5


When you step onto the Rainbow Ryan stage, you’re greeted with a setlist of features that are designed to keep your head nodding and your balance growing. At its core, the return of the Rainbow Reels is your ticket to synchronicity—with two or more reels randomly mirroring each other’s symbols, the potential crescendos.

Weaving through the features, the Encore performance deserves applause. What’s a great show without an encore? Here, it manifests as a randomly triggered event in the base game, rallying the crowd with a Respin and an additional synced reel. And just when you think the show’s over, up pops another Encore in the Free Spins, lengthening your time in the limelight.

The Louder feature amps up the base game with a multiplier that can hit any note—it’s random and without limitation. Should you rack up multiple Louder triggers during Encore Respins, they stack, raising the roof of your winning potential.

Free Spins is where Ryan shines brightest, awarding you with an initial number of synced reels that can increase with every green clover you encounter. Starting at 8 and reaching up to 20 spins, this is your solo in the spotlight.

And what’s a rock concert without a little Jackpot? Rack up 400 points through musical notes and take your chance to spin the Golden Pot wheel for a shot at a 2000x jackpot.

Lastly, the Feature Buy allows you to bypass the base game and shoot straight to the Free Spins. A feature for the true high roller, it’s a pricey but lucrative way to take control of the game and hit the high notes sooner.

Review Summary

In sum, Rainbow Ryan 2 might have taken a stride away from its predecessor’s comfortable RTP, striding out with only 94% in hand, which may not be as inviting as the warm buzz of a Les Paul through a Marshall stack. However, Yggdrasil’s sequel in many ways does what a good follow-up should: it turns everything up a notch. The max win has been explosively amplified to an earth-shattering 20,000x the bet—a hefty purse worth tuning up for.

While not the mythical RTP powerhouse that some other rock-themed slots like Guns N’ Roses might boast, Rainbow Ryan 2 keeps the crowd roaring with features that just don’t quit. Each spin can be a fanfare, each feature can be the defining moment of your gameplay set.

The player is more than a mere spectator here; with every spin in Rainbow Ryan 2, you’re the virtuoso guitarist, the flame-haired frontman and, perhaps, the ultimate jackpot-winning headliner.

  • Enthralling theme blending Irish folklore and rock concert energy
  • Innovative features like Rainbow Reels and Louder Multipliers
  • High max win potential of up to 20,000x the stake
  • Encore and Feature Buy options enhance gameplay
  • RTP of 94% is below industry average
  • High volatility may not suit all players
  • Free Spins cannot be retriggered
0.0 Overall Rating
Rainbow Ryan 2 (Yggdrasil) Slot Review